Which ‘Big Brother’ houseguest is playing the worst game: Amber, Donny, …?

After four weeks and a dozen episodes of “Big Brother,” you’ve already made up your minds about which houseguests you love and which ones you can’t stand (bye-bye, Devin). But taking emotion out of it for a moment, we’re curious to know which Season 16 houseguest is simply playing the worst game possible from a strategic standpoint? (Vote in our poll below.)

Only 13 houseguests are still in the running for the $500,000, so let’s take a quick look back at the worst game moves from each of the remaining contestants:

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Victoria Rafaeli – Being under the radar for so much of the game is getting her into trouble when it comes time for floaters to be put on the block. Floaters rarely win “Big Brother,” so if Victoria wants to claim the prize money as her own, she’d better grab a life vest.

Nicole Franzel – Betraying Donny by nominating him for eviction might have been Nicole’s worst move so far. In her mind, Donny betrayed her first by gossiping about what she told him in confidence, but it’s still never wise to nominate such a beloved person so early in the game.

Cody Calafiore – Going after Caleb last week could very well come back to haunt Cody, especially if word ever gets back to the cowboy that Cody was trying to rally votes against him.

Derrick Levasseur – Being responsible for Devin’s eviction because the house wanted him gone suggests that Derrick is more interested in pleasing everybody than playing a strategic game. Sure, he’s the hero of the house after Devin’s ouster, but now the biggest target in the game is gone. Derrick would have been smarter to keep Devin around a few more weeks.

Christine Brecht – By not telling Nicole about the Bomb Squad until after it exploded, Christine risked losing trust with her BFF inside the house. Things look to have worked out in Christine’s favor for now, but Nicole will surely never forget the fact that Christine kept such a big secret from her.

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Hayden Voss – Likability can only get you so far. If Hayden wants to make it to the end of the game, he’ll have to stop playing nice and start stabbing backs.

Jocasta Odom – Her physical illness wasn’t necessarily a game move, but it still prevented her from playing in last week’s Veto competition, which is definitely not a good thing. If not for Donny’s gameplay (or was it God’s will?), Jocasta would have been sitting in that nomination seat at the last live show.

Caleb Reynolds – Two words: Amber obsession. The moment this aloof rodeo clown volunteered to be put on the block to ensure the safety of the woman he’s obsessed with is the moment the house — and America — turned on him. Creepy with a capital C.

Frankie Grande – Nominating Victoria in the first week after promising her she’d be safe was an amateurish move. Frankie didn’t have to promise her she’d be safe. And with so many other floaters in the house, he didn’t have to nominate her either. Two no-nos in a row.

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Amber Borzotra – A smarter player would see that Caleb is in love with her and use that to her advantage. But by flirting with Cody and telling Caleb not to throw the challenge for her, Amber is letting a possible final two alliance slip through her fingers. Remember: There’s no rule that says you have to actually like the people in your alliance, just as long as they have your back.

Zach Rance – Zach’s bombastic nature could get the better of him, but it’s his brutal honesty that’s his biggest detriment. As Frankie pointed out in Week 2, why is Zach telling the truth all the time? It only resulted in making then-HOH Devin mad and putting him on the block.

Brittany Martinez – When Brittany told Cody that she doesn’t care about the game anymore and that she’s tired of all the bickering, that seemingly put an end to any chance of her winning the show. With thousands of people auditioning every year, it’s never fun to see someone pouting in the house about not wanting to be there.

Donny Thompson – Despite the fact that Donny’s never told a lie, his biggest downfall is that everyone in the house thinks he’s lying about his occupation and life. He’s tried to dispel the rumors, but seemingly to no avail. There’s not much more he can do than just keep being Donny.

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