‘Big Brother’ Week 1 predictions: Winner will be Frankie, Nicole, Christine or Hayden

(Pictured left to right: Frankie, Nicole, Christine, Hayden)

After a week of flirtatious introductions, Julie Chen‘s twistiness and too many alliances to name in this season’s treehouse-themed “Big Brother” house, Gold Derby’s predictions have already narrowed down the list of 16 houseguests to the Top 4.

According to your week-long votes, the winner of Season 16 will be either Frankie Grande, Nicole Franzel, Christine Brecht or Hayden Voss. Agree or disagree with this consensus vote? Then be sure to log in and cast your own predictions by clicking here or by using the simple methods below.

Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of each of these Week 1 frontrunners:

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1. Frankie

PROS: With leading odds of 7/1 odds, the pink-haired player is your early favorite to win Season 16. Besides winning the first Head of Household competition this season, Frankie is also a member of at least three alliances that we know of: the Crazy Eights with the first eight members to enter the house, the Bomb Squad with many of the power players, and a short-lived alliance with Victoria Rafaeli that seems kaput now after he nominated her for eviction.

CONS: Frankie is the very first HOH in the history of “Big Brother” to be dethroned, thanks to the new Battle of the Block twist that pitted Frankie’s two nominees against Caleb Reynolds‘ two nominees. If either of this week’s two remaining nominees — Donny Thompson and Paola Shea — win the Veto, there’s a small chance Frankie could actually go from HOH to being nominated for eviction: Yikes!

2. Nicole

PROS: At 9/1 odds, Nicole has so far managed to avoid ruffling any feathers in the house. The southern belle’s closest companion is fellow blonde Christine, and if these two stick together they could make it pretty far in the competition. She also has the Crazy Eights alliance to fall back on… if that’s still a thing.

CONS: Yeah, yeah, Nicole isn’t the brightest bulb in the house. But hey, neither was blonde, southern Jordan Lloyd, and she wound up winning Season 11 by making a strong alliance with Jeff Schroeder and using that irresistible charm of hers.

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3. Christine

PROS: Also at 9/1 odds, Christine and Nicole seem to be following a similar trajectory in the house. However, the big difference with Christine is that Bomb Squad ringleader Devin Shepherd trusted her so much that he welcomed her (and Amber Borzotra) with open arms and an empty head into the powerful alliance. Bad move for Devin, great move for Christine.

CONS: If it comes down to the Bomb Squad alliance vs. her Nicole alliance, Christine may choose to go with Nicole and that could put her at a disadvantage. After all, the Bomb Squad is full of physical powerhouses that could potentially win all future competitions, while Christine and Nicole aren’t likely to win anything outside of a Best Glasses competition.

4. Hayden

PROS: Gold Derby’s odds have him tied for second place with Nicole and Christine at 9/1 odds each. So far Hayden has managed to remain under the radar while still endearing himself to the American viewing audience. If he wants to stay at the top of our leaderboard, Hayden will need to continue using his likeable, relatable persona to his advantage.

CONS: The fact that he’s one of only two men in the house (along with Donny) to not be invited into the Bomb Squad alliance doesn’t bode well for his future in the game. Unless, of course, the Bomb Squad explodes and leaves Hayden the last man standing.

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