‘Big Brother’ poll: Which bitchy female houseguest do you HATE the most?

(Pictured left to right: Victoria, Joey, Amber, Paola, Brittany, Nicole, Jocasta, Christine)

We’re only two weeks into Season 16 of “Big Brother,” but that’s more than enough time for you to have already made up your mind about which houseguests you absolutely HATE. In particular, we want to know which lady from this season prompts you to fast-forward every time she’s on screen? Make your voice heard by voting in our poll below.

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While this season’s eight damsels in distress haven’t caused a ton of drama so far — in other words, there’s no rice-throwing J’Tia Taylor (“Survivor“) in the mix — there’s undoubtedly still one or two questionable females that rub you the wrong way. After all, this is “Big Brother” we’re talking about.

Below is a brief description of all eight ladies from Season 16, including Week #1 castoff Joey.

‘Big Brother’ Week 1 predictions:
Winner will be Frankie, Nicole, Christine or Hayden

Victoria Rafaeli

Age: 22

Hometown: Brooklyn, N.Y. and Holon, Israel

Occupation: Photographer

Strategy for winning Big Brother: In it to win it! I don’t take no for an answer. I will manipulate people with my looks; I am very strategic and always get what I want. The word CAN’T is not in my vocabulary.

Joey Van Pelt

Age: 27

Hometown: Seattle, Wash.

Occupation: Makeup Artist / Hairstylist

Strategy for winning Big Brother: Be the nicest person to ever win the show.

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Amber Borzotra

Age: 26

Hometown: Knoxville, Tenn.

Occupation: Esthetician

Strategy for winning Big Brother: It’s all a secret! When money is on the line I’ll do anything it takes to win. Well, ALMOST anything.

Paola Shea

Age: 27

Hometown: East Hampton, Conn.

Occupation: DJ

Strategy for winning Big Brother: I’ll try not to be myself as much… Haha.

Brittany Martinez

Age: 29

Hometown: Long Beach, CA

Occupation: Event Coordinator

Strategy for winning Big Brother: I’m going to go in without too much of a set strategy until I’ve been able to feel out the other houseguests.

Nicole Franzel

Age: 21

Hometown: Ubly, Mich.

Occupation: Recent Nursing Graduate

Strategy for winning Big Brother: Ideally, I would want to align with a male who would excel in the physical competitions and have a secret final 2 deal and have separate alliances on top of that. I want to win the first HOH so everyone can come to me and I can feel them out and see who I think I could trust.

Jocasta Odom

Age: 33

Hometown: Griffin, Ga.

Occupation: Minister

Strategy for winning Big Brother: Yes. I liked Rachel Reilly the most because she had drive and fight. She was making the best moves for her game and although she had a target on her she was able to persevere.

Christine Brecht

Age: 23

Hometown: Tucson, Ariz.

Occupation: Shift Supervisor / Barista

Strategy for winning Big Brother: I plan on being nice and having everyone confide in me to get information from all over the house. I really want to have a strong pack with only three to four people that I stay loyal to till the end. I don’t want to play both sides of the house, but I’m not saying I won’t.

Vote in our poll below for your most-hated female houseguest and be sure to explain your choice in the comments section at the bottom of this page.

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