5 reasons why Victoria Rafaeli can win ‘Big Brother’ despite being worst player ever

Thanks to last week’s Double Eviction episode of “Big Brother,” we’re now down to the final handful of houseguests still in the running to win the $500,00 prize: Derrick Levasseur, Frankie Grande, Cody Calafiore and Caleb Reynolds.

Did we forget anyone? Oh yeah. Victoria Rafaeli is still in the game, too. She’s the girl you sometimes see in the background, either doing her makeup, lounging in the sun, complaining about her toothache or fawning over Frankie’s sister Ariana Grande.

There’s no way Victoria can win this game, right? Wrong! She may be the worst player in “Big Brother” history, but scroll down to see the Top 5 reasons why Victoria can still actually win this game.

First off, she has no enemies. Not a single member of the jury can say they were voted out of the game because of Victoria. She ruffled no feathers during the first two-thirds of the show and thus has no enemies heading into the final weeks. Conversely, all four of the remaining guys have created their fair share of drama and been responsible for evicting all of the former houseguests.

Secondly, she has no alliance. While the remaining Bomb Squad members are now forced to eat each other up, Victoria can sit pretty knowing that she won’t have to be put in that ruthless position. In fact, not being in an alliance means that she’s an extra vote if the four Bomb Squad members split up into pairs of two. Victoria could even be that crucial swing vote that will determine who actually goes home.

She’s not a physical threat. Victoria is such a train wreck in the physical competitions that her other houseguests will actually want to keep her around because they can easily beat her. She’s the only remaining player to never win Head of Household and she’s only claimed one Veto as her own, way back in Week #4. In a game where physical threats get sent packing early, weaklings like Victoria can sometimes coast to the end.

She’s not a mental threat. Similarly, her mental acuity isn’t up to snuff so the others may want to keep her in the game in case there’s a thinking challenge on the horizon. She’s also not likely smart enough to uncover Derrick’s true motives, which turned out to be Nicole’s downfall last week. When Nicole compared him to past champion Dan Gheesling, Derrick immediately sent her packing.

She’s the last woman standing. It’s been three years since a woman won “Big Brother” (Rachel Reilly in Season 13), which means we’re about due for another one. The fact that Victoria is the last woman standing may not necessarily give her an edge, however, don’t forget that female jury members Nicole Franzel, Christine Brecht and Jocasta Odom were all ousted by the guys, so they could rally around Victoria simply as a way of punishing the powerful all-guys alliance.

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