Our SAG Film contest winner predicts ‘Birdman’ for Best Ensemble, wary of ‘Boyhood’

“For Best Film Ensemble, ‘Birdman‘ appears the smart choice: large cast of known actors, most nominated film and strong Best Picture Oscar contender,” explains Gold Derby’s contest champ Alex (A_Steve_Man in our forums). Alex beat all others while predicting the SAG Film nominations, earning the #1 position on our leaderboard as well as a $100 Amazon gift certificate.

Also in our chat, this 22-year-old economics student from Seattle says, “I’ll probably predict ‘Birdman,’ but if ‘Boyhood‘ keeps adding wins to its Best Picture tally, I wouldn’t be one bit surprised to see that momentum carry over to a SAG ensemble win.” Below, read the entire Q&A with our 2014 SAG Film nominations contest winner.

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When predicting the nominees, do you usually go with the flow or go your own way?

Probably a bit of both. Going with the flow is a good way to get started, hear about strong bets, possibilities and all, but once I have the names I typically prefer to go my own way. It’s not easy, sometimes you get really cold feet reading other people’s predictions, doubting yourself, but I try to go on. I’m sure a lot of you know that many times you predict something over “a feeling” instead of logic and many times it pans out (not always of course haha).

What was the biggest surprise SAG film nomination?

Naomi Watts for sure. I don’t think anyone saw that one coming. There’s no reason to think SAG adores her as they’ve nominated her twice, the two times everyone else did. She was in “Birdman,” a film that was bound to score pretty well (it did) so that she ended up making the list for an altogether different performance in “St. Vincent” is plain weird.

What about snubs? Were you in shock over a particular actor/actress/ensemble that didn’t make the cut with SAG?

The biggest snub came from the same category, Laura Dern. I’m not sold on whether she can score an Oscar nomination, but I always thought SAG was a place where she could easily swoop in with more ease than other awards. She’s well known, she’s an industry insider and she loves to campaign. I honestly thought she was more likely that Keira Knightley or Emma Stone.

Will SAG Awards preview winners at Oscars?

What was your personal favorite film ensemble of the year?

My favorite ensemble of the year would be “Birdman.” It’s also one of my favorite ensembles in a few years. That movie is all about the acting and the way every cast member bounces off each other from scene to scene is a rather wonderful thing to behold.

Who are you predicting to win in each of SAG’s film acting categories?

J.K. Simmons is the done deal, as is Julianne Moore. Wouldn’t say Patricia Arquette is quite there yet, but very likely as well. Best Film Actor a bit trickier. My first guess is Michael Keaton, who’s in what seems to be the best-liked ensemble of the year and is a loved veteran; perfect fit for a SAG winner. However, they clearly adore Eddie Redmayne and his performance is a lot showier than Keaton’s. I wouldn’t predict Eddie yet but I feel he’s right on his heels.

What other events do you predict at Gold Derby?

I like to predict anything related to film and television awards. The Emmys are the most fun by how hard they are to call, but I enjoy trying to guess what’s going to win at the Globes, the SAG, the TCAs, etc.

Thanks Alex!

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What will win the SAG Award for Best Film Ensemble: “Birdman,” “Boyhood,” “The Grand Budapest Hotel,” “The Imitation Game” or “The Theory of Everything“? Cast your own votes below using our easy-drag-and-drop menu.

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