Watch: Jack Huston celebrates his ‘tragic end’ on ‘Boardwalk Empire’

Over four seasons of “Boardwalk Empire,” the character Richard Harrow, a killer with faultless killer precision but a guilty conscience, became a fan favourite. As actor Jack Huston recalled during his webcam chat with Gold Derby (watch below): “From sending that tape in London of my audition, thinking I had three episodes and then…  to stay on it for four years, that was pretty special. I feel in every possible sense blessed.”

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Despite his indelible and nuanced performance, Huston has yet to be nominated for an Emmy. And, with his character meeting a tragic fate underneath the boardwalk at the end of this season, he know this year is his last shot for this role:“It’s a tough category, it is tough… television is so brilliant right now, there’s so many fantastic shows …  Of course it would be wonderful to get a nomination; this is my last year to think about getting a nomination … but even me, just looking at all these people is like ‘wow.’”

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Even he was surprised to discover that his character was being killed off. “The script I got and everyone got was a dummy script, it had a dummy ending, it didn’t say I got killed. So no one knew… and I read it and I said something doesn’t sound right here … and then sure enough I get a call from Terry [Winter] and he was like ‘yeah it’s time, you know it’s time for Richard’ and I was so with him, I was like ‘It absolutely is time …’ But when it came to shooting it. .. no one could believe it.”

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As for his character’s final moment, he says “it was just such a pleasure. To be given the last shot of the last scene in the last episode of the last season, it meant the world to me. I know they are only doing eight more episodes and I got this incredible send off. When the show ends, everyone ends with the show; I mean Richard really got a special ending I feel. I feel very honoured by that.”

And Huston admits, “whenever you’re playing a tragic character you realise they have to end tragically as well.” Will his Emmy hopes meet with a tragic end? 

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