Is ‘Better Call Saul’ a drama or comedy? Bob Odenkirk ends speculation (Exclusive Video)

On the Emmys red carpet Monday night, Bob Odenkirk spoke up about all those category rumors that have been plaguing “Better Call Saul” in recent weeks. (Watch our red carpet chat below.)

So, is the much-anticipated “Breaking Bad” spin-off going to be a drama or comedy series?

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“It’s about the same [as ‘Breaking Bad’],” Odenkirk confirmed exclusively to Gold Derby at the Emmys. “Maybe a slightly bit more comedic. But it’s mostly drama.”

From this, we can assume that “Better Call Saul” will be entering the drama races at next year’s Emmys and won’t pull an “Orange is the New Black“-style category switcheroo, as many awards watchers have been speculating. Time to re-think your 2015 Emmy strategies, folks.

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It’s easy to see how all this category confusion came about, as Saul Goodman was by far the most comedic character on a show filled with blood, meth and tears. But just like how Alan Shore (James Spader) brought the funny on “Boston Legal” and Will McAvoy (Jeff Daniels) throws us zingers on “The Newsroom,” Odenkirk will play a quirky character on a bonafide drama series.

Odenkirk also confirmed that he’s filmed seven “Better Call Saul” episodes of the 10-episode first season order and recalls the 2013 Emmys when “Breaking Bad” won its first Emmy for Best Drama Series. “Bryan Cranston helped a little,” he joked.

‘Breaking Bad’ goes out on top with Emmy as Best Drama Series

“Better Call Saul” stars Odenkirk, Jonathan Banks and Michael McKean and will premiere on AMC in early 2015. As a sign of good faith, AMC has already given the still-unseen prequel series a rare Season 2 pick-up.

Below, watch our exclusive one-on-one red carpet chat with Odenkirk. Are you glad “Better Call Saul” will be a drama series, or were you hoping it would enter the comedy races at next year’s Emmys? Sound off in the comments section or join the discussion in our TV forum.

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