Listen up: ‘Bonnie & Clyde’ gang hit the TV academy (podcast)

Bonnie and Clyde” ambushed Emmy voters on Friday night to discuss the ambitious miniseries that aired last December simultaneously on Lifetime, History and A&E. It’s a good year for the production to compete, considering the previously combined categories for minis and movies were just separated, thus creating room for more contenders. “Bonnie and Clyde” got an early head start in the industry-awards derby by nabbing four guild nominations (sound, costumes and art direction) in January.

Gold Derby not only recorded the event (listen to the audio podcast below), but I moderated the chat with director Bruce Beresford, stars Emile Hirsch and Lane Garrison, writers Joe Batteer and John Rice, plus Marilyn Vance (costumes), Derek Hill (art direction), Francis Kenny (cinematography) and John Debney (music).

The gang reveals the meticulous work and research that went into recreating the outlaws’ America of the 1930s (many scenes were shot in the same towns where Bonnie and Clyde looted banks) and they share funny stories about crashing sets and dodging alligators.

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Curiously, Beresford watched much of the activity on the film set through binoculars even though he was standing only a few feet away from the actors.

“I like to be as close to the actors as I can so I can see all the nuances and expressions,” he said. “I feel that I am more able to direct a performance and comment on it because I’m seeing it in such detail.”

Such close scrutiny sometimes led to embarrassment, Hirsch confessed: “Every now and then he’ll come up to me and say, ‘That was a nice take, but you’ve got a couple of blackheads on the right corner of your nostril. You might want to take care of that at lunch.'”

BELOW: Listen to the podcast recording.

Above photo: left to right: Bruce Beresford, Emile Hirsch, Lane Garrison (Photos by Ralph Galvan)

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