How many Oscars will ‘Boyhood’ win?

Boyhood” did boffo box office this weekend in its first weekend of very limited release. This slice-of-life, which follows Ellar Coltrane‘s character as he ages from 6 to 18, played just five theaters in Gotham and LA but took in $360,000. That strong showing was buoyed by its jaw-dropping reviews: an unprecedented perfect 100 at Rotten Tomatoes and a stellar 99 at Metacritic

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The awards pedigree of the talent involved in this IFC release is top-notch. Writer/director Richard Linklater shared in two screenplay Oscar bids with his “Before” trilogy leads Julie Delpy and Ethan Hawke. Hawke features in “Boyhood” as the father of Coltrane’s character while Emmy champ Patricia Arquette (“Medium”) plays his mother. 

Our forums are on fire as posters debate as to the likeliest Oscar categories in which “Boyhood” could contend. Follow the fight and, if you dare, jump in here.

Will ‘Boyhood’ be nominated for Best Picture at Oscars? 

Below, just a sampler of their comments

Logan: It opened brilliantly in five theaters this weekend, and it has Cynthia Schwartz on its campaign now. I’d consider it to be a factor in Picture, Director, Screenplay, Supp. Actress (Arquette), and – though perhaps less likely – editing.

ibbster: Judging from the critical response, surely it’s going to sweep the major critics prizes. That metacritic score is unprecedented for a new American release with that many reviews counted. And I have to imagine that the directors branch is itching to give Linklater a nomination here. 

DominicCobb: This could perform like the Tree of Life I think.

MalickFanboy: This seems like “Her” all over again. Best case scenario, it wins screenplay. The end.

vinny: This WILL be an Oscar contender in many catagories. I kinda am hoping for a best actor nomination as well. 

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