‘Breaking Bad’ cast reunites at TV Academy: Hear their spin-off ideas

If parting is such sweet sorrow, the cast of “Breaking Bad” isn’t very sorrowful.

Less than seven months after the Emmy-winning series cooked its last batch of blue meth, many of the show’s long-running cast members — Aaron Paul, RJ Mitte, Dean Norris, Betsy Brandt and Bob Odenkirk — gathered together Thursday night at the TV Academy in North Hollywood along with creator Vince Gilligan. (Alas, Bryan Cranston and Anna Gunn were too busy working on other projects to attend the “Breaking Bad” reunion.)

Moderated by “Talking Bad” host Chris Hardwick, the cast recalled their greatest moments from the show and joked about other possible spin-off ideas in addition to the upcoming Odenkirk-centric spin-off on AMC titled “Better Call Saul.” Listen to the entire audio podcast below!

The last we saw of Paul’s Jesse Pinkman, he appeared to a free man, no longer imprisoned by the neo-Nazis and driving away Walter White, i.e. the man who ruined his life. Regarding the future of his character, Paul said, “I hope he’s just far, far away. Because, let’s just be honest, his fingerprints are all over that lab. He needs to leave Albuquerque.”

Odenkirk chimed in, “I think [Jesse] is a mailman. He’s a mailman in Iowa. Nicest guy.” Paul then pleaded, “Oh man, hopefully I can get a spin-off too!”

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After dying in the fan-favorite episode “Ozymandius” (which was shockingly snubbed by the WGA), Norris sadly remarked that he doesn’t need a spin-off to know what Hank is up to now. “Playing chess with Lincoln,” quipped Odenkirk.

Brandt was the most emotional at the reunion, tearing up on more than one occasion when she recalled working side-by-side with Norris for six years. Hardwick’s spin-off idea for Marie? “The Schrader Files: Marie Schrader becomes a private detective! What purple thing is it now?”

Referencing Marie’s kleptomania problems, Odenkirk pitched, “She steals one thing from each crime scene. You go in her house and, ‘What are all of these bloody ornaments? Why is there blood on this dolphin?'”

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Paul and Mitte want a spin-off centered around a dropped storyline idea from the writer’s room in which Jesse, in a bit of spite, gets Walt Jr. high. “That would have been awesome!” Paul shouted in his best Jesse voice. “Can we make a pilot of that?” hoped Mitte.

Gilligan and Odenkirk were mum on actual spin-off series “Better Call Saul,” but Gilligan said that working on that show means that he never really stops thinking about “Breaking Bad” and its fans. He’s also accepted the fact that he’ll likely never experience the same level of success with any future project. Cue the tears!

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Below: listen to the audio recording of the “Breaking Bad” chat at the Television Academy. And be sure to give us YOUR “Breaking Bad” spin-off ideas in the comments section below!

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