Emmys poll: Is ‘Breaking Bad’ too old to win Best Drama Series?

Can “Breaking Bad” really win Best Drama Series even though it went off the air last September? Our Tom O’Neil posted this provocative question in our red-hot forums and ignited a firestorm. He wondered what other shows managed to win so long after their final bow? (As he notes, “‘Sopranos’ isn’t a good example because while, yes, it won after it went off the air, there was only a three-month gap between its final episode and the Emmycast”).

Below, just a sample of the responses. Take a read of them and then vote in our poll at the bottom of the post before joining in the debate here

Join the fiery debate about the Emmy odds
for ‘
Breaking Bad’ in our red-hot forums 

Ashkan: I think it will based strictly on buzz and tapes. If another buzzy show came along and eclipsed its buzz, than I would think that that show would win. However, House of Card’s buzz was short-lived, True Detective came close in buzz but it has died down, and Game of Thrones didn’t recieve as much critical buzz as last year. The Good Wife has a ton of critical acclaim and buzz, but virtually no mainstream buzz. Therefore, Breaking Bad will most likely win Drama Series again. I mean let’s be honest. Its midseason finale had 2.78 million viewers and its series finale seven episodes (and a year) later had 10.28 million viewers! That has to be a record!

SxECanadianFanSxE: The thing that makes Breaking Bad stand out is that it peaked in its last season. The audience numbers exploded for the last two or three episodes, so it’s not one of those past-their-prime 30 Rock scenarios. If GG and SAG voters (who never liked the show) can muster up enough respect to award it drama series, Emmy voters will do it as well, especially because they actually watch the episodes. Plus, the advent of Netflix ensures that Breaking Bad cannot be forgotten anytime soon.  

oopschoice: Though it’s not for the final season, season 4 of Mad Men won Drama Series Emmy in 2011 when the latest episode of the show had aired in October 2010. Season 5 didn’t air until March 2012. Breaking Bad is still one of the most talked-about shows despite the fact that it ended 9 months ago, so it’s not too old to win. But True Detective is too hot, shiny and new, buzzy a show to ignore.

tennisfreak: It probably also doesn’t hurt that voters can peruse it whenever they want on netflix when they get a break in their busy schedules. I don’t think any other serious drama candidate has that advantage.

ETPhoneHome: I think it can, simply because it has retained all the momentum from its finale, while True Detective and the Good Wife just haven’t. I think The Good Wife is more worthy, but Breaking Bad is a good alternative.

MarcusJamesDixon: how many shows DESERVED it for their final seasons? Not a lot. I’d argue that of the past 10 years, only one show deserved to win, but lost, its final season: Friday Night Lights. The vast majority of TV shows end with a whimper, not a bang. Breaking Bad didn’t just go out on top, it actually redefined how high the top can actually get.

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