‘Broad City’ stars parlay friendship into hit TV show (Exclusive Video)

Comedians Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson recently made a leap from online to television with  “Broad City.” In our recent webcam chat (watch below), Jacobson took us through their big adventure: “When we started the web series we never really imagined that this was a possibility. Just getting this support from Comedy Central and getting to reach such a wider audience has been pretty incredible.”

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Jacobson readily admitted that writing, producing and starring in a television series, “felt like we were in an intensive TV PhD or something on how to create and produce a show.” Those efforts paid off as they picked up Critics Choice TV Awards nominations for Best Comedy Series and Best Comedy Actress for Glazer.

Jacobson explained that the show is “based on Ilana’s and my real friendship. We met in an improv team here in New York and we were just friends for two years here performing improv in the city. It was us before we started doing ‘Broad City.’ They are trying to figure out where their place is in New York… but it’s all based on how these friends feed off each other.”

As Glazer elaborated, “in real life Abbi and I are more similar than we are in the show but our differences are kind of what makes us laugh. We blow up those differences so you see the differences most of the time. In real life I’m like TMI and how we distribute our personal information is different.” However, she also loves the moments where they get to play against type: “In the show, that cracks me up when Ilana gets responsible and when Abbi gets crazy. I love us not only playing our baseline but also the minority within themselves.”

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The series is executive produced by Emmy darling Amy Poehler (“Parks and Recreation“). Will Glazer and Jacobson be pitted against her for Best Comedy Actress. After watching the chat, make your Emmy predicitons using our easy drag-and-drop menu below.

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