Gold Derby Emmy MVP: Charlie Hunnam (‘Sons of Anarchy’) gives career-best performance

So many secrets were revealed during the “Suits of Woe” episode of “Sons of Anarchy” that we wouldn’t blame you for overlooking the career-best performance given by star Charlie Hunnam Tuesday night.

Accent aside, Hunnam’s riveting, emotional performance as Jax Teller showed why this UK actor deserves his very first Emmy nomination. After seven years playing such a popular character, why has Hunnam never been nominated before by America’s highest TV honor? We demand a table vote.

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“Sons of Anarchy” viewers are used to seeing Hunnam playing the noble (yet troubled) President of the motorcycle club, yet they’ve never seen him at an awards podium. In fact, he’s never received any awards honors for his work. Surprisingly, besides a sole Critics’ Choice TV Award nomination in 2012, Hunnam hasn’t even been nominated for anything else.

Written by Peter Elkoff, Mike Daniels and creator Kurt Sutter and directed by Peter Weller, “Suits of Woe” was the episode that “SoA” fans have been waiting for all year. Jax finally discovered the truth behind his wife’s murder as Gemma (Katey Sagal) bolted from Charming to parts unknown. How will this reveal affect the story going forward? That’s to be determined.

Can Hunnam break through at the 2015 Emmys to receive his first nomination as Best Drama Actor for “Sons of Anarchy”? Let’s consider the factors working for and against this Gold Derby Emmy MVP.


“Sons of Anarchy” is on a hot streak in its final year, with every episode performing better than the last in term of ratings and buzz for network FX.

Hunnam could be given an awards boost by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association. Don’t forget, the Golden Globes honored his TV mom Sagal in 2011 with their award for Best TV Drama Actress, so clearly “Sons of Anarchy” is on their radar.

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It’s rare for a performer in their seventh season to get nominated for their first acting Emmy. As unfortunate as it may be, usually when the Emmys snub you, they keep snubbing you.

“Sons of Anarchy” may be a fan favorite, but it’s far from an awards juggernaut. Over its first six years on the air, “SoA” has only mustered two measly Creative Arts Emmy nominations.

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