Chelsea Peretti defends ‘rash decisions’ of Gina on ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ (Exclusive Video)

The freshman season of the hit laffer “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” ended with a shocker: Chelsea Peretti’s character, precinct assistant Gina Linetti, slept with hapless detective Charles Boyle (Joe Lo Truglio). As the actress revealed during our recent webcam chat (watch below), “I was very surprised to find myself in bed with Charles. I’m very curious to hear how the writers explain what led them to this point. I will say that Gina does seem like the kind of person that makes rash decisions.”

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In January, this freshman Fox series won two Golden Globes: Best Comedy Series and Best TV Comedy Actor (Andy Samberg). As Peretti recalls, “it was like having 10 surprise parties at once because I really did feel it was one of the best nights of my life. I would never have predicted it, but it was just so fun. And it was so unexpected it felt like a once in a life time experience. I didn’t even know if we were supposed to walk up there or not. People left their purses on the table.”

But cast and crew had to be back on set early the next morning. But, she admits, “a lot of us were just gonna have to be tired because this is too cool of a night. We were pretty tired on set but it’s like every single person in the cast and crew felt like the belle of the ball the next day.”

She credits the appeal of her character — a snarky and blunt assistant — as someone who “gets to live out some people’s fantasies of just telling your boss when they ask you to do something ‘No, I don’t feel like it.’ Or just being on your phone and planning a game right in front of your boss.”

One highlight of the season was that dance in front of a bunch of streetwise kids: “I did feel like a definite dork but I did like watching it. I’ve actually had to dance a bunch of times that have wound up being cut. It’s just like me dancing around take after take.”

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