15 hottest forums posts: Critics’ Choice has Steve Carell out, Angelina Jolie in; Jennifer Aniston vs. Marion Cotillard

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outsider: Biggest news: Steve Carell missing from a category that has six nominees and “Foxcatcher” not making the top 10 despite a Golden Globe nomination and a placement in the AFI top 10. Also surprising that “Into the Woods” didn’t make the cut. Like “Foxcatcher”, it placed in the AFI top 10. “Unbroken” continues to show up in top 10 lists (NBR, AFI, BFCA). It’s strange that the Golden Globes didn’t care about this movie. It seems they are over Angelina Jolie who surprisingly received a Director nomination here.

Atypical: Jennifer Aniston vs. Marion Cotillard for the fifth slot! Never thought I’d type out those words, but here we are lol. I do like seeing unexpected actors have breakthroughs. so I really want to finally see “Cake” and find out if all of this Aniston buzz is warranted or not. And Cotillard has had one of the best post-Oscar winning runs I’ve ever seen, male or female.

Tyler the Awesome Guy: YES!!! YESS!!! YESS!!! Ansel Elgort made it in for The Fault in Our Stars!!! Glad to see someone decided to recognize his wonderful performance!!

ibbster: This doesn’t change anything. I’d love for Ralph Fiennes, Josh Brolin and ~ to gain some traction but I doubt it. We already know what people are predicting and who are the major frontrunners for the major categories, barring some upsets (perfectly plausible). What I think we’re just waiting on now is to see who on the outskirts gets some late-season critical/guild momentum, and what BAFTA goes with.

Eddy Q: Every year it’s almost as if they simply logged on to GoldDerby and made a list of those being predicted, jumbled them around a bit and voila, there’s your nominations. And I’m sick to the teeth with their cluttered lists of dubious genre categories. Interesting that they seem to have started off as a legit critics organisation: for instance, their first acting winners were Kevin Bacon in Murder in the First and Nicole Kidman for To Die For. Since then, they’ve barely had a single acting winner who didn’t receive an Oscar nomination, and the same is mostly true for other categories.

Sasha: Darling, I’m more than sure that many of them are part of GD forums. 

Carol-Channing: Why are a bunch of people complaining about these noms being predictable? I don’t think they were THAT predictable. In a time when there’s social media, a gajillion different precurser awards, and message boards devoted to these awards, it’s near to impossible for any major nominations announcement to be completely filled with shockers. But there were many nice surprises here: Foxcatcher, Interstellar, and Into the Woods being left off. Nightcrawler and Budapest making it in. A few acting surprises here and there. And the back and forth reception of Unbroken makes it hard to determine where it will stand with the Academy.

Grammy race for Best Pop Duo/Group Performance – Click Here to Join Our Forum Chat

Just Guy89: This category is stacked. Probably the most competitive this year. All 5 five songs are commercial smashes. Anyone can take this. “Say Something” is such a great ballad that many people can relate critics praised Xtina for showing restraint on the song. “Fancy” is nominated in the general field and could prevail, but it’s Rap/Sung. “Bang Bang” has great vocalists and the song is pretty memorable, “Dark Horse” could finally get Katy Perry her Grammy, it’s the biggest seller on the list I believe. And Coldplay is a Grammy favorite. I’m gonna be biased and give it to Sam Smith. Just cause I want Xtina to finally get that 6th Grammy. But anyone could win here.

circa 1993: well, well, well SS made it after all  It’s definitely between that and Coldplay. The other nominees are filler pop hits that the voters nominate because of their success. They have no real chance at winning.

Zayner: I could see Katy pulling off a win here actually. “Dark Horse” being such a massive success and the fact that it’s her most unique song, could help her tremendously.

m.A.A.d: I guess I’m not seeing how this is anyone’s game. The songs with rappers will probably lose out. I think Coldplay could edge out the competition just based on the fact that they are Grammy favorites, a group and the only ones that aren’t collaborative.

wehan6: I’m not sold on Fancy winning this.It would just seem odd even though it’s nominated for ROTY.This song to me is Rap,and that’s why I think the Pop voters will rather go for something pop like Dark Horse and Say Something.I could be wrong

Homeland’ episode ‘Krieg Nicht Lieb’ reactions – Click Here to Join Our Forum Chat

Atypical: Really strong work from Rupert Friend tonight. The introduction of that German woman/past lover could have been more graceful, and I thought Carrie would be more onboard with Quinn going after Haqqani than what she was (though trying to muster up some final Aayan guilt on Carrie’s part to kill him herself was suspect). The developments of most interest to me were 1.) how they finally addressed James Rebhorn‘s passing (so Carrie’s long-lost mother appears for the first time at the memorial service? Can’t wait to see Victoria Clark!).

SxECanadianFanSxE: This episode was a little murkier for me in terms of character motivation. So she will sacrifice Saul but not Quinn? Still, the last five minutes were thrilling, so I am really looking forward to the finale.

Icky: I think they’re going for she’s learned and grown from almost losing Saul or whatever. It is a lil bit of an abrupt turnaround from the super Crazy Carrie we’ve seen in the season’s frst half. I find Badass Quinn just as tiresome and easy a trope as Crazy Carrie. So, that whole plot didn’t do much for me until the end of the episode. I did appreciate this episode’s mostly low-key approach, though the first half was drab. Dar Adal hasn’t “turned”. Surely, he’s in deep cover, though it’s still too far-fetched and random a twist. This finale is gonna need to deliver on a lot of fronts to satisfyingly close the season. Though even if it sucks this has to be considered, all and all, a successful season.

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