Our forum posters snap, crackle and pop over Critics’ Choice TV Awards

This fourth edition of the Critics’ Choice TV Awards caused an uproar in our forums. While some of the winners were well-received by our readers (yes, you Jessica Lange), others incited incendiary reactions (Allison Janney, you might not want to read any further!). 

Below, just a sampling of their caustic comments.


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Zdog123: It was irritating that like half the winners weren’t in attendance. I know some were probably filming, but I seriously doubt all of them were. 

moviefan61794: I was expecting critics to give True Dectective the series win since they adored it, so BB’s win might be a sign of things to come.

Atypical: Yay for Matthew McConaughey! I didn’t think he would win, so cheers to him! Surprised he showed up to accept something like this though.

Halo_Insider: Hooray for Tatiana! Fantastic win. It’s going to be a shame if she gets omitted from the Emmys again. 

‘Fargo,’ ‘Breaking Bad,’ ‘Orange is the New Black’
top winners at Critics’ Choice TV Awards

Emmys2011: As much as I love Parsons and specially Dreyfus, I really wanted this group to think outside the box not just with nominations but winners, picking Middleditch and Rossum.

montana82: Big ole eye role with the continuation of the Allison Janney love fest circa 2000-2004.  Apparently there is some written rule that she needs to win for anything she’s nominated for.

eastwest: The mini/movie wins are amazing! Loved how they went off script with 3/4 acting wins there with Allison, Billy Bob, and Jessica rightfully winning. 

Gabriel: Allison Tollman deserves that win. Well done to the Critics Choice for NOT doing what the Emmys will inevitably do: rubberstamp Julia Roberts’s nothing performance in the Normal Heart.

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