‘Dancing with the Stars’ shocker: Did you predict another perfect score for Janel Parrish?

It wasn’t hard for our users to predict the bottom of the leaderboard this week on “Dancing With the Stars.” Michael Waltrip spent so much time there it seemed almost like a foregone conclusion. Our users were also right in their consensus that Waltrip would finally be eliminated after weeks of struggling, but what about that perfect score for Janel Parrish and Val Chmerkovskiy‘s contemporary dance? It was the first time Parrish topped the leaderboard since week three, which was another perfect score for the “Pretty Little Liars” star.

Our users expected Alfonso Ribeiro to be the judges’ favorite performer of the night, which would have been the fourth time for the actor. But not alokin, who has continued to beat most Derbyites predicting “DWTS” so far this season. (See current rankings.) Alokin correctly answered all three of our questions this week, joining the majority of users predicting Waltrip’s low score and eventual ouster. But he also went out on a limb to anticipate Parrish’s rise to the top. His stellar performance placed him third for the week and secures his lead for the season overall.

Now that Parrish has scored a second perfect score from judges, do you think she can actually win? Use our drag-and-drop menu at the bottom of this post to forecast who will win the mirror ball trophy. Or click here to predict that as well as who will be the highest scorer, lowest scorer, and who will get the axe. Your predictions determine our racetrack odds, and you score points for every right answer (click here to see our overall leaderboard).

Scoring second in our prediction contest for the week was tonyrandall, who also correctly predicted all three of the night’s results but earned slightly more points based on the racetrack odds at the time he locked in his picks. That moves him to 11th place in our overall standings, up from 19th place last week.

This week’s predictions leader was eeric, who only predicted one result correctly this week – Waltrip’s elimination – but enjoyed a massive payout thanks to the odds at the time he made that prediction. That moves him up three spots in our contest, from ninth place to sixth. Eeric didn’t predict Parrish’s high score this week, but he has been predicting her to win the season since week three. Is he on the right track?

The seven couples performed routines inspired by famous “Dynamic Duos,” including Ribeiro and Witney Carson‘s Batman-and-Robin themed cha-cha and Parrish and Chmerkovskiy’s “Romeo and Juliet” contemporary dance, but after their first dances were over, top-scoring Parrish won immunity from elimination, while the remaining six teams faced each other in dance-offs for an extra three points to be added to their judges’ scores.

Ribeiro defeated Lea Thompson in head-to-head jives, while Bethany Mota squeaked by Sadie Robertson in dueling cha-chas that came down to a tie-breaking vote by head judge Len Goodman. Tommy Chong‘s rumba was ruled superior to Waltrip’s, which may be crucial to Chong because those extra three points narrowed the gap between him and next-lowest scorer Thompson going into next week.

The final scores, after the extra points were awarded (Parrish automatically earned three extra points in addition to her immunity), are as follows:

Janel Parris – 43
Alfonso Ribeiro – 41
Bethany Mota – 40
Sadie Robertson – 38
Lea Thompson – 32
Tommy Chong – 29

Parrish is the first contestant this season to score two perfect scores. Does that make her the new frontrunner to win, or is Ribeiro still the man to beat? Use our drag-and-drop menu below to make your predictions.

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