‘Dancing with the Stars’ recap: Injured ladies and shirtless gents among Latin Night shockers

Is there a doctor in the house?

“Latin Night” on “Dancing With the Stars” was nothing if not eventful, and the shocking twists started well before the live performances: Danica McKellar, one the season’s highest scorers, broke a rib during rehearsals. Despite the injury, and a prepared salsa that required strenuous upper body movement, she persevered: unfortunately, because of her limited range of motion, she scored a lower-than-usual 33 out of 40 from judges.

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The hits kept coming. Though Amy Purdy‘s rumba went off without a hitch (and earned her 36 points), we later learned that she injured her back after her performance, bringing her night to an abrupt end.

Even frontrunner Meryl Davis wasn’t immune to the misfortunes that struck the ladies this week. She tweaked her wrist during training, though it wasn’t enough to hold her back when it came time to perform live. Her salsa was rated nearly perfect: earning her 39 points and giving her the lead after the night’s solo performances.

Meanwhile, the male competitors took advantage of the sensual Latin dance styles to show plenty of skin, from the usual strapping suspects like Maksim Chmerkovskiy, Derek Hough, and James Maslow to the usually modest Charlie White.

Even Tony Dovolani, who started the night with his clothes on, stripped down at the urging of fans on Twitter.

The night’s scores also came as a surprise. Davis and Purdy impressed the judges, as usual. White hoped his intense paso doble would finally earn him a perfect score, but instead he sharply divided the judges, which was also par for the course given his track record.

But it was surprising to see Candace Cameron Bure finally overcome her insecurities – with the help of a sports psychologist – to put together an Argentine tango that ranks among her highest-scored dances. She earned 35 out of 40.

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That tied Cameron Bure with the once dominant Maslow, who two weeks after receiving the first perfect 40 of the season continued to struggle with his technique.

The contestants scored as follows for their solo dances:

Meryl Davis – 39
Amy Purdy – 36
Charlie White – 36
Candace Cameron Bure – 35
James Maslow – 35
Danica McKellar – 33
NeNe Leakes – 31

But the leaderboard was upended after the season’s first group dance performances. “Team Vida” included all three contestants at risk of elimination – NeNe Leakes, Maslow, and White – and to add insult to injury, their group performance received a tepid response from most of the judges, who complained that they were out of sync. They scored a respectable but unspectacular 35.

Meanwhile, “Team Loca” (Cameron Bure, Davis, McKellar, and Purdy) delivered a showstopping number. Because Purdy’s sudden injury put her out of commission for the rest of the night, the team was scored on their dress rehearsal performance, which received a near-perfect 39, elevating all four team members and pushing Team Vida to the bottom of the standings.

Team Vida took to the stage one more time at the end of the night to find out which of them had been eliminated. As we predicted, Leakes was sent home, leaving poor Maslow and White, the last male stars in the competition, with the lowest combined scores for the evening:

Meryl Davis – 78
Amy Purdy – 75
Candace Cameron Bure – 74
Danica McKellar – 72
Charlie White – 71
James Maslow – 70

That means White and Maslow may be at risk of elimination again next week. Meanwhile, there remains uncertainty about the health of Purdy and McKellar.

Will next week be as topsy-turvy as “Latin Night”? Predict the next elimination below:

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