Alfonso Ribeiro back on top of ‘Dancing with the Stars’ predictions, but for how long?

Are you predicting someone new to win “Dancing With the Stars” this week? If so, you’re not the only one. Our predictions have dramatically fluctuated from week to week this season, but this week Alfonso Ribeiro once again stands alone at the top with 11/2 odds after sharing the top spot last week with internet star Bethany Mota. Will he remain the frontrunner from here on out, or will the momentum shift once again?

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Our racetrack odds are determined by our users. If you disagree with our latest odds, help change them by clicking here to enter your own predictions, not only for who will win “Dancing with the Stars,” but for who will be the week’s highest scorer, who will be the lowest scorer, and who (if anyone) will be the unlucky contestant sent home.

If you predict correctly, you’ll score points and be added to our leaderboard (click here for our current standings), and if you have the highest score at the end of the season, you’ll earn a $100 Amazon gift certificate and the chance to share your expertise with the Gold Derby community, like Denton Davidson, who recently shared the secrets of his success after winning our “So You Think You Can Dance” and “The Bachelorette” prediction contests over the summer. Click here to read his commentary.

Davidson currently ranks third in our “DWTS” contest, behind user alokin in first place and Cordell Martin in second. Davidson and Martin both think Ribeiro is out front, but top-scoring alokin has been betting on Bethany Mota since week one.

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That kind of disagreement is to be expected given this season’s unpredictable judging and the mercurial moods of viewers voting at home. Though Ribeiro is the frontrunner according to our odds, he has only finished on top of the judges’ scores twice this season so far. That’s a far cry from last season, when ice dancer Meryl Davis consistently earned high scores; she led our predictions for almost the entire season before winning an almost preordained mirror ball trophy.

Our top three users are also divided over who will be eliminated this week. Race car driver Michael Waltrip will get the boot according to our overall odds, and alokin agrees, but Martin thinks it’ll be “Mean Girls” actor Jonathan Bennett instead, while Davidson believes Antonio Sabato Jr. is really the one who’s a goner.

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Given this season’s lack of a single dominant performer thus far, it looks like whichever star prevails will have to fight for it. The same goes for whoever wins our predictions contest.

Based on our odds, tonight’s results will be as follows:

HIGHEST SCORE: Alfonso Ribeiro or Janel Parrish (both get 5/1 odds from our users)

LOWEST SCORE: Michael Waltrip

ELIMINATED: Michael Waltrip

If you haven’t already, click here to make your predictions for tonight’s show, or use our drag-and-drop menu below to get started.

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