Is Candace Cameron Bure bulletproof on ‘Dancing with the Stars’?

Candace Cameron Bure seems almost invincible on “Dancing With the Stars.” Despite inconsistent judges’ scores, she has dodged elimination every week. Will she advance to the top five on Monday night?

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Cameron Bure wowed judges with her contemporary dance in week one, getting the second highest score of the night, but since then her routines have been hit-and-miss. Though she has the ability, her nerves have gotten the better of her, prompting her to seek the counsel of a sports psychologist before “Latin Night.”

Nevertheless, the former “Full House” star has enjoyed consistent support from fans, even when things seemed dire. On “Disney Night,” it came down to her and Cody Simpson, but even though she had the lowest judges’ score, Simpson went home instead.

She had better scores going into “Party Anthem Night” the following week, but she was once again one of the last two couples in jeopardy; Drew Carey got the axe, and Cameron Bure got another stay of execution.

On “Latin Night,” she was spared that suspense, learning she was safe early on in the telecast. And thanks to a team dance with Meryl Davis, Amy Purdy, and Danica McKellar that received a nearly perfect score, she’s among the top three scorers going into Monday’s show, ranking ahead of usual high scorers McKellar, Charlie White, and James Maslow.

Does that mean Cameron Bure will easily be voted through to the next round? Not according to our predictors, who think she’s the most likely to be eliminated, giving her 10/11 odds. She’s followed by two women plagued by injuries: McKellar and Purdy, who both have 3/1 odds. White, who was in jeopardy this week, gets 7/1 odds.

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