‘Dancing with the Stars’ contest champ reveals how he knew Alfonso Ribeiro would win

“From the start, I knew this was Alfonso Ribeiro‘s season to lose,” says Vincent Mandile (vinny), our “Dancing With the Stars” contest champ for Season 19. “As great as the others were (not going to lie, Sadie Robertson and Bethany Mota had me worried there for a while), he was just the most fun to watch in my opinion. Half the battle with this show is the entertainment factor and Ribeiro delivered on that every week.”

Mandile is a 24-year-old Bronx, NY native who tells us he’s been watching “Dancing with the Stars” since Kelly Monaco won the inaugural mirror ball trophy back in Season 1. He won our “DWTS” contest with 61.91% accuracy and 23,347 points. His reward? A $100 Amazon gift certificate. (To see where YOU ranked, check out the Season 19 leaderboard.)

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Did watching previous seasons give you a better idea of how the competition would turn out?

Watching previous seasons definitely helped in a way, but with “Dancing with the Stars” it’s a little different given the chances of surprise eliminations. Anything can happen.

Were you worried about your prediction of Alfonso when he was injured going into semifinals?

I was definitely worried when he hurt himself. Everyone could see he was in pain that week but he really showed how much he wanted that mirror ball.

Arguably even more impressive, you had Sadie Robertson in second place to win the mirror ball trophy going all the way back to week two, even though her scores weren’t as consistently high as some of the other competitors. What made you think she would make it that far?

I was very hesitant when they announced Sadie was part of the cast but after the first week, I was impressed that she took to the ballroom like (and please excuse the pun) like a duck to water. [Mark Ballas] really was giving her some fun routines and she was handling them like a pro. Plus, she just was so nice at the same time, which definitely helped her.

What result took you the most by surprise?

I think the result that surprised me the most had to be Randy Couture. I still can’t figure out why he was eliminated to be honest. He was so light on his feet and was having a blast out there.

Predicting a live competition is harder because you can’t get any clues from previews. What was the hardest thing for you to predict every week and why: the highest scorer, the lowest scorer, or the elimination?

I think the hardest thing to predict is the highest score. Between Alfonso, Janel, Lea, and Bethany, it was a tight competition. Then Sadie came on strong toward the end and really wowed me. It was very similar to last season with Meryl, Charlie, Amy, and James.

Was there any contestant who you think deserved to go farther than they did? Any contestant you think should have gotten the boot a lot sooner?

Michael Waltrip definitely went farther than expected and to be honest I think he should have been eliminated much earlier. He was a fun guy but I just don’t understand how he outlasted Jonathan Bennett and Antonio. I know a lot of people felt the same way about Tommy Chong as well but I was rooting for him at the same time. I thought Lea Thompson should have gone farther in the competition. She definitely had a couple of off weeks but even in her off weeks, she was really good in my opinion.

What other TV shows are you predicting at Gold Derby?

I predict all the shows that are listed under the prediction center.

Thanks again and congratulations!

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