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Who is the best film actor under 30?

nkb325: I’ll go with Daniel Radcliffe. I honestly don’t think I’ve seen him in anything other than the Harry Potter movies, but those showed that even at such a young age he was able to carry one of the biggest film franchises of all time and create a truly iconic character. And his choices after the series ended have been very varied and interesting, and the little bits of him I have seen in movies like What if and Horns have really impressed me (his accent for Horns is ON POINT). He can do a lot more than just Harry Potter.

moviefan61794: I’ll go with Miles Teller. He’s not a pretty face (but not a bad looking kid by any count), but he seems a lot more relatable than most young actors his age. His performance in “The Spectacular Now” absolutely blew me away with the honesty and the ableness to take a lead character who, I would say, isn’t necessarily likeable, but still make him charming. That movie is a true tango between him and Shailene Woodley, and they push each other further and further. He’s balancing smaller movies like “Now” and “Whiplash” with blockbusters like the “Divergent” series and the “Fantastic Four” reboot, so he’ll be a strong force in years to come.

ibbster: I’m actually a big fan of Josh Hutcherson. Besides his own personal responsibility he takes as a voice to LGBT rights with the size of his audience, I’ve found him a compelling screen presence and innately talented in emotionally articulating his characters going as far back as The Bridge to Terabithia. Super underrated.

Pieman1994: I’m gonna go with Ezra Miller. His performance in We Need to Talk About Kevin is not just a good film debut. It’s a GREAT film debut, up there with Dustin Hoffman in The Graduate, Edward Norton in Primal Fear, Jamie Bell in Billy Elliott, and a host of masterful performances that actors put into their first roles. Though he has not inhabited a role so frightening as his school massochist Kevin, Miller has yet to give a subpar performance, and he is only going to be doing more fascinating and impressive work.

babypook: I’ll mention Dane DeHaan. He’s been terrific in everything. And he’s worked or will have worked with several of GD favorites mentioned in this thread. He doesnt limit himself to any particular genre and he’s an Oscar waiting to happen.

The Walking Dead’ episode ‘Slabtown’

OnThe Aisle: After the brilliance of the first few episodes of the fifth season, the creative high had to diminsh. However, I was not prepared for this mess. One reason for the compelling nature of this show is the overall brilliance of the actors to take horrific moments and bring nuance. Tonight’s guest stars played Dawn and Gorman without a trace of subtlety. Christine Woods should be sent to a screening room to watch One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest for a lesson in how to play a character who believes she is doing good but is really doing bad. Ricky Wayne did everything but twirl a moustache as he leered at Beth. It was nice to see that the boy from Everybody Hates Chris can still get work. In a poorly written role, he actually mustered some sympathy. Rick and company need to arrive and annihilate this place to move the story along. So disappointing.

Atypical: Rough episode that reminded me of the major problems that season 4 had. Beth isn’t nearly a compelling enough character to devote a standalone episode to, and the way these new characters were introduced was very bizarre. Time to get back to the main characters and keep the strong momentum going after this odd detour. Grade for “Slabtown”: C

ThemeParks4Life: This seems to be a love it or hate it episode. We were pretty much in Beth’s POV for the episode, and I imagine we’ll find out more about the people in episode 6 or 7. Good episode, but might be the weakest of the season so far for The Walking Dead. B+

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‘Birdman’ reactions and reviews

BamaEd: I thought this movie was brilliant. It took a little bit for Michael Keaton to really take over (the first third of the movie seemed to belong to Edward Norton) but when he did, WOW! I agree with Daniel Montgomery that the movie built on itself over time, and by the end, I was stunned. Visually it is a captivating movie. Love the look of one seamless shot. The lighting was fantastic as well. Norton was so good. Emma Stone was the best she has ever been and I fully support a nomination for her.

FreemanGriffin: Just got home from this movie Birdman. In my opinion: pretentious drivel!!!!!! Hear me out: the performances are all fairly one dimensional; the camera work was irritating (long continuous takes, which worked so well in Alfred Hitchcock‘s Rope but irritated me no end in this movie); poor editing; facile direction; the worst screenplay I’ve encountered in a long time (I’m aware it could win an Oscar – that doesn’t mean much when it comes to a screenplay); irriating science fiction fantasies.

KyleBailey: I just saw this and I liked it. It didn’t blow me out of the water like many are making it out to be but I thought it was solid. It was funny and the performances were nice but none are award worthy I believe. I really don’t get Keaton and especially Stone’s buzz. Stone is barely in the movie and has little to do. Norton did a good job but once again, don’t know why people are going crazy about it.

Carol-Channing: Just came back from this one. It’s glorious. A huge accomplishment in filmmaking. Not enough can be said about the direction, editing, and cinematography. They should all be frontrunners.

‘The Good Wife’ episode ‘Message Discipline’

espnfan: Wow, what a great episode. “Message Discipline” was another top-notch episode in what has been a stellar start to season six. The Good Wife is absolutely on fire in every aspect, maybe even moreso than season five. What a treat to have David Hyde Pierce join the show. He continues the long tradition of outstanding casting and guest stars on The Good Wife. Even though he will only be around for six episodes, I cannot wait to see what impact he will have in Alicia Florrick’s world. Just like Mike Kresteva/Matthew Perry, he will be a wrothy opponent to a Florrick running for public office.

Boidiva02: I’m very interested in how they’ve been building the Alicia/Finn friendship. It’s becoming clearer by the day they are going to be good friends but not likely romantic partners. I’m very interested by the idea of Alicia having a platonic male friend, and how loyal he’s being to her. Athough part of me thinks it would have been far more interesting if Finn had instead of quitting his job had stayed on and tried to sabotage Castro’s campaign.

GraemeONeil: Yeah, I’m just gonna gush over this episode so I’ll keep it brief… Finn connecting the dots on both sides of the case was fantastic, David Hyde Pierce was excellent, Connie Nielsen was superb, and the use of Kalinda was perfect. My favourite scene was her maintaining her 30feet on the phone with Cary then telling him her plan. I was only underwhelmed by the fact by finding that lost/presumed dead witness just ended with him now being dead. Seemed like an odd twist to take.

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