Daytime Emmy reels: Younger Actor contender Chad Duell (‘General Hospital’) pleads for father’s life

Just like last year, the 2014 Daytime Emmy acting reels are being made available for public viewing online. The roundup of episode submissions begins with Best Younger Actor. I’ve watched all five; will the third nomination be the charm for Chad Duell (“General Hospital“)?

Watch his rivals’ reels:
Bryan Craig, Max Ehrich, Chandler Massey, and Daniel Polo

Length of Reel: 8:05

Synopsis: Michael Corinthos (Duell) learns that his adoptive father Sonny’s fiancee has been murdered and Sonny is about to take the law into his own hands. They find Sonny (Maurice Benard) with a gun to the head of the suspected killer, Michael’s biological father AJ (Sean Kanan), but Michael talks him down, and AJ is arrested.

Analysis: The episode is suspenseful, and the emotions run high, though it’s Benard more than Duell who gets to chew the scenery. A comparatively subdued Duell is the voice of reason in the scene, and he excels when he pleads with his father not to take revenge.

Duell’s most impactful moment comes when pleads on behalf of himself and Sonny’s other children, who need their father to stay out of prison, and while he doesn’t get to demonstrate the kind of actorly theatrics Benard does, he nevertheless has one of the most emotionally wrought episodes in the category.

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He also has the benefit of appearing prominently in his co-star and fellow nominee Bryan Craig‘s reel (watch it here). Duell has so much screentime in Craig’s episode, in fact, that he essentially has two submissions in this category, giving him more than 20 minutes of material. Does that make him indomitable? Watch Duell’s reel below and make your predictions:

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