Daytime Emmy reels: Max Ehrich (‘Young and Restless’) gets away with murder in Younger Actor scenes

Just like last year, the 2014 Daytime Emmy acting reels are being made available for public viewing online. The roundup of episode submissions begins with Best Younger Actor. I’ve watched all five; could Max Ehrich (“The Young and the Restless“) walk away with Emmy by getting away with murder?

Watch his rivals’ reels:
Bryan Craig, Chad Duell, Chandler Massey, and Daniel Polo

Length of Reel: 7:21

Synopsis: Fenmore Baldwin (Ehrich) wakes up with little memory of the night before. He learns from his mother, Lauren (Tracey E. Bregman), that his father has turned himself into the police for murder, which they believe Fenmore committed. Fenmore insists on telling the police, even though he doesn’t remember what happened, but Lauren talks him out of it.

Analysis: Ehrich has a natural screen presence, and is affecting during his scene with his mother; he expresses confusion, regret, guilt, and he cries — always a bonus. Plus, the storyline’s emotional stakes are clear and direct: Should Fenmore allow his parents to shield him from a murder charge? However, his reel doesn’t have quite the impact of the two nominated “General Hospital” actors (Bryan Craig and Chad Duell). Will his more understated work be enough to win the day?

Ehrich is also featured in his co-star Daniel Polo‘s reel, which gives voters a chance to see a different side of him: he’s an angry bully in those scenes and a penitent killer in this one, giving him extra dramatic range.

Watch Ehrich’s episode below, and then make your predictions for Best Younger Actor:

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