Daytime Emmy reels: Defending Best Actor Doug Davidson (‘Y&R’) stands up for bullied teen

The Daytime Emmy reels for Best Actor are available for viewing online. I’ve watched all five. After finally winning for the first time last year, can veteran Doug Davidson (“The Young and the Restless“) keep it up?

Watch his rivals’ reels:
Peter Bergman, Christian LeBlanc, Billy Miller, and Jason Thomspon

Length of Reel: 8:35

Synopsis: Paul Williams (Davidson) talks a suicidal Jamie (Younger Actor nominee Daniel Polo) off the edge of a building, then confronts the parents of Jamie’s bullies about taking responsibility for their own children’s actions.

Analysis: Davidson is the defending champion, winning for the first time last year after 35 years on “Y&R.” His reel this year is less emotionally showy (in his winning scenes he confessed to murdering his own son), but the subject matter packs a punch, and so does Davidson’s connection to the material. He shows Paul not only defending a bullied teen but strongly identifying with the boy’s plight, and speaking for him where he can’t or won’t speak for himself. He wins extra viewer sympathy by confronting the seemingly oblivious parents of the bullies.

The storyline also stands out among reels featuring more typical soap operatics: tragedy, affairs, breakups, and paternity reveals.

Watch his submitted scenes below, then predict Best Actor and discuss all the episodes in our forums:

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