Daytime Emmy reels: Jason Thompson (‘GH’) makes painful choice at Christmas in Best Actor scenes

The Daytime Emmy reels for Best Actor are available for viewing online. I’ve watched all five. Can four-time nominee Jason Thompson (“General Hospital“) overcome another onslaught of “Young and the Restless” stars?

Watch his rivals’ reels:
Peter Bergman, Doug Davidson, Christian LeBlanc, and Billy Miller

Length of Reel: 10:13

Synopsis: Patrick Drake (Thompson) has a difficult decision to make when his wife (Emmy-winner Kimberly McCullough) returns from the dead. He makes a difficult decision to leave his new love, Sabrina (Teresa Castillo), and reunite with the woman he thought he lost.

Analysis: Last year, Thompson competed against Doug Davidson (“Y&R”) with a subtle performance, but it didn’t pay off. This year’s reel is also subtle, but he is extremely expressive in close-ups. The episode is also much longer, so while he doesn’t demonstrate as much range as some of his competitors, he gets to play out a fuller emotional arc, a distilling of an entire unfolding storyline in just 10 minutes. And with its uplifting ending, he takes the viewer from tears of heartache to tears of joy.

Watch his submitted scenes below, then predict Best Actor and discuss all the episodes in our forums:

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