Will Eric Martsolf (‘Days’) spoil overdue Bradford Anderson (‘GH’) at Daytime Emmys? Forum posters say …

Based on episode submissions, most of our forum posters think Bradford Anderson (“General Hospital“) will finally win Best Supporting Actor at the Daytime Emmys on his fifth try, but he shouldn’t get too comfortable: Eric Martsolf (“Days of Our Lives“) and defending champ Scott Clifton (“The Bold and the Beautiful“) are right on his heels. The nominees are as follows (click each actor’s name to check out their reels):

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Bradford Anderson, “General Hospital
Steve Burton, “The Young and the Restless
Scott Clifton, “The Bold and the Beautiful
Eric Martsolf, “Days of Our Lives
Dominic Zamprogna, “General Hospital”

In these reels, there is enough baby drama to fuel a season of “Maury,” plus an intervention worthy of A&E. Will all the fatherhood dilemmas cancel each other out, paving the way for a Martsolf victory, or are perennial contenders Anderson and Clifton really the ones battling for the win? Are we underestimating Steve Burton (“The Young and the Restless“) or Dominic Zamprogna (“GH”)?

Our racetrack odds currently indicate a two-way battle between Clifton and Anderson. Do you agree? Read some of our posters’ comments below, then make your predictions and click here to join the discussion in our forums.

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OLTLfan: “Anderson’s reel is self-explanatory and there’s not a second of filler. He shows good range, going from confused to sweet and happy to shocked and angry. Good reel and good performance.”

SummerSoap31: “I think this one goes to Bradford who has the biggest range of emotions. I’d really love to see him finally win one.”

GHFan: “Bradford Anderson is the clear frontrunner here in my opinion.  His reel had a great arc to it, it built really nicely and ended on a high note.”

FreemanGriffin: “I see the race as a two-way race between Martsolf and Anderson, with possible spoilers by Clifton and Burton.”

eastwest: “First things first, Blake Berris was HOSED! And what does Greg Vaughan have to do to get some love? [Berris and Vaughan were pre-nominees for ‘Days’ but didn’t make the final cut] … Bradford does the best he can with the material and could pull it off, but I’m giving the edge to Eric. It’s a flashy performance and … a change of pace from the soapier material that is usually being rewarded.”

robbalto: “Scott Clifton’s reel is excellent! The earlier part of the reel gives him a dramatic showcase and brought tears to my eyes … I loved watching his subsequent scenes with [Jacqueline MacInnes Wood] and the way he played all the dramatic beats.”

PaulV: “First [Martsolf’s] reel has a great arc to it (denial, admitting, blaming the others.) He great playing the emotion and he stands out from the other four reels. The only downside is [his character] Brady is not overly likeable but I don’t think it be a problem.”

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