Daytime Emmy reels: Baby reveal could win Supporting Actor for overdue Bradford Anderson (‘GH’)

Just like last year, the 2014 Daytime Emmy acting reels are being made available for public viewing online. The roundup of episode submissions continues with Best Supporting Actor. I’ve watched all five. Will Bradford Anderson (“General Hospital“) finally win on his fifth try in six years?

Watch his rivals’ reels:
Steve Burton, Scott Clifton, Eric Martsolf, and Dominic Zamprogna

Length of Reel: 7:51

Synopsis: Damien Spinelli (Anderson), whose friends have just had a baby using a surrogate, learns from his current girlfriend, Ellie (Emily Wilson), that the baby is actually his and she lied about it for fear of losing him.

Analysis: Spinelli’s relationship woes continue. Last year, he submitted an episode in which he felt strung along in his on-again-off-again romance with Maxie, and in this year’s reel he finds out Maxie has secretly had his child and his current girlfriend lied about it. In just eight minute he gets plenty of impact and range, beaming with joy at the discovery that he is a father, and then furious about having been lied to.

Most of the reel is a two-hander between Anderson and Wilson, and the focus is squarely on his performance, though much of the dialogue is spent untangling exposition — explaining how Maxie passed off his baby as a surrogate child takes some doing — which may distract from the emotions involved, especially in the first half.

Anderson is one of four actors in this category who submitted baby storylines. Will he win, or will all the baby drama cancel itself out? Watch his submitted scenes below, then predict Best Supporting Actor and discuss all the episodes in our forums:

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