Daytime Emmy reels: Amelia Heinle (‘Y&R’) aims for Supporting Actress win as grieving stepmother

The Daytime Emmy reels for Best Supporting Actress are available for viewing online. I’ve watched all five. Can Amelia Heinle (“The Young and the Restless“) win as a grieving stepmother?

Watch her rivals’ reels:
Melissa Claire Egan, Jane Elliot, Elizabeth Hendrickson, and Kelly Sullivan

Length of Reel: 10:24

Synopsis: Victoria Newman (Heinle) mourns her young stepdaughter, Delia, who died in a hit-and-run accident. She is consoled by her sister Abby (Melissa Ordway) before her husband, Billy (Best Actor nominee Billy Miller), returns home. He discusses his grief and tells Victoria he can’t get through it without her.

Analysis: Heinle and rival Jane Elliot (“General Hospital“) submitted episodes of the same length, though Heinle arguably has more impact, openly weeping from the very beginning of her scene. But the episode isn’t wall-to-wall crying, which might have become monotonous over 10 minutes.

Her strongest emotions are upfront; the focus is on her in the first half with Ordway, and she gets her moment of greatest impact when she is overcome with guilt, thinking she set a chain of events in motion by missing Delia’s school play: “Billy is blaming himself, but this is my fault!”

When Miller enters the scene, the focus turns to him, but even though he gets most of the dialogue from that point forward, her reactions to him are still full of emotion, so she isn’t lost in the background.

However, co-star Elizabeth Hendrickson, who plays Delia’s biological mother, submitted an episode from the same storyline and gets to emote much more extravagantly. Will a grieving mother overshadow a grieving stepmother, or will they perhaps cancel each other out? Watch her submitted scenes below, then predict Best Supporting Actress and discuss all the episodes in our forums:

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