Daytime Emmy reels: Kelly Sullivan (‘GH’) raises hell in Supporting Actress scenes

The Daytime Emmy reels for Best Supporting Actress are available for viewing online. I’ve watched all five. Will Kelly Sullivan (“General Hospital“) win as one half of a woman with split personalities?

Watch her rivals’ reels:
Melissa Claire Egan, Jane Elliot, Amelia Heinle, and Elizabeth Hendrickson

Length of Reel: 5:24

Synopsis: After her son is pronounced brain dead, Connie Falconeri (Sullivan) drowns her sorrows with childhood boyfriend Sonny (Emmy-winner Maurice Benard).

Analysis: Sullivan, a first-time nominee, plays drunk and angry as Connie copes with losing everything. Like “The Young and the Restless” rivals Elizabeth Hendrickson and Amelia Heinle, she plays out a storyline involving the death of her child, but she’s playing different emotional notes: more defiant and bitter, but at times just as potent.

However, there is a lot of plot for the viewer to process in just five minutes: a fatal car accident for which she was falsely prosecuted, a second car accident that left her son brain dead, a psychologically traumatic rape that caused her to develop split personalities, and a romance between Sonny and her other personality, Kate.

There’s an especially impactful moment when she screams at Sonny not to expect Kate’s return: “She’s not coming back!” she yells, though it might have given her a boost if we did get to meet Kate during these scenes; Emmy voters love actors playing multiple personalities (i.e. six-time winner Erika Slezak).

Watch her submitted scenes below, then predict Best Supporting Actress and discuss all the episodes in our forums:

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