Join our live Emmy chat with Denis O’Hare (‘American Horror Story’) this Thursday

After playing two vastly different characters on FX’s anthology series “American Horror Story,” which creepy creation did Denis O’Hare enjoy playing the most? And what can he tell us about his super secret role on the upcoming “Freak Show” season?

Those are just some of the questions we will ask O’Hare when he joins us for a live webchat this Thursday, June 19 at 12:45 p.m. PT / 3:45 p.m. ET on Gold Derby’s home page.

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On the first season of “AHS,” O’Hare received a Movie/Mini Supporting Actor Emmy nomination for playing burn victim Larry. He lost that bid to Tom Berenger (“Hatfields and McCoys“), but we’re itching to find out what the whole Emmy experience was like for the first-time Emmy nominee.

O’Hare didn’t appear in the second season (“Asylum“) because of his committment to “True Blood,” but he came back strong in Season 3 (“Coven“) as Spalding, the creepy caretaker of the witch house whose tongue was ripped out years earlier. What were the biggest challenges acting and performing without any dialogue?

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As for the upcoming fourth season “Freak Show,” the early rumors are that O’Hare is going to play a collector of freaks who’s at odds with Jessica Lange‘s character. But does he know at this stage whether he’ll have any scenes with Sarah Paulson (who just revealed on Twitter that she’ll be playing a pair Siamese twins), Kathy Bates or new addition Michael Chiklis?

Despite all the horror/fantasy shows on his resume, O’Hare also has a recurring guest gig on CBS legal drama “The Good Wife” as Judge Abernathy. Are there any plans for a return engagement to the Julianna Margulies-fronted drama next season?

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