Emmy Episode Analysis: Edie Falco (‘Nurse Jackie’) curses, lies, cheats and pops pills

Four-time Emmy champ Edie Falco returns to the Best Comedy Actress line-up for the fifth year in row for the Showtime dramedy “Nurse Jackie.” With three wins for “The Sopranos” (1999, 2001, 2003) and one for this role (2010), there’s no denying the fact that Falco is an Emmy heavyweight. Will this year’s episode submission, “Super Greens,” win her trophy number five?

Emmy champ Edie Falco (‘The Sopranos,’ ‘Nurse Jackie’)
has ‘mixed relationship with awards shows’ (Exclusive Video)

SYNOPSIS: Jackie freaks out when she sees her renegade daughter Grace giving herself a haircut in the bathroom and blames Grace’s friends for influencing her actions. Before work, Jackie buys drugs and then arrives at the hospital in time to see an angry former patient spray-painting the building because he was unhappy with the care given to him by Dr. Prentiss (Morris Chestnut).

Hours later, Jackie’s boyfriend Frank (Adam Ferrara) visits the hospital to tell her that Grace was just arrested for shoplifting. They rush to the police station, where Grace shows no remorse and instead makes light of the serious situation. When Grace mentions that Mia likes her haircut, Jackie assumes it’s just another of her wild friends until Grace reveals the truth: Mia is her father’s new fiance.

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Jackie is shocked to hear this and calls her sponsor, then takes drugs in the bathroom. She pets a police dog to distract her from the serious situation, then returns to say that she’s happy for Kevin, but that the Mia bombshell was not Grace’s story to tell. Jackie has a quick meeting with her sponsor (Julie White) who tries to calm her down, not knowing that Jackie already self-medicated earlier that afternoon.

Back at the hospital, Jackie and Zoey (Merritt Wever) call several doctors and lie to them that their loved ones have just been brought into the hospital in order for them all to come into the ER to help a patient that they all collectively failed. At the end of the day, Frank comes home to find that Jackie has adopted a dog with arthritis, a good impulse she tells him.

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Can Falco take home her second Emmy for this role? Let’s consider the pros and cons of this episode.


She already has four Emmys on her mantel and when TV academy voters love you, they really, really love you.

Falco is front and center throughout much of the episode as her character runs the gamut from overbearing mother to creative health care provider to caring ex-wife to relapsing drug addict.

Emmy voters just can’t get enough of actors portraying drunks, lushes and alcoholics


Is this episode too dark to be a key player in the comedy races? When Falco won for the first season it was for a more light-hearted episode. 

Jackie is fairly unlikable in this episode. She’s seen scolding her daughter, cheating on her boyfriend, cursing and lying about taking drugs all within the span of 28 minutes. Might voters be looking to reward a more huggable character?

The Emmys may be interested in moving on to younger, hipper fare. This sixth season of “Nurse Jackie” only scored two other nomninations: Best Comedy Casting and Best Sound Mixing.

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Falco is currently in fifth place in our predictions with 50/1 odds. Do you agree with those odds, or might this Emmy veteran have the last laugh? Make your own predictions below.

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