Emma Roberts: ‘We were duped’ on ‘American Horror Story: Coven’ (exclusive video)

“We were all duped!” exclaimed “American Horror Story: Coven” star Emma Roberts regarding what all of the actresses were told behind the scenes about who would be the ultimate Supreme witch to replace Jessica Lange‘s character at season’s end.

Writer/creator Ryan Murphy finally settled on Sarah Paulson‘s character, but Roberts told GoldDerby exlusively, “We were all kind of told in so many words that we were all the Supreme. And I think that was the point, that Ryan kind of wanted all of our attitudes to be like, ‘It’s me.’ And then toward the end, we were like, ‘Wait, they told you you were the Supreme? They told me I was the Supreme!'”

Roberts chatted with Gold Derby Wednesday evening to discuss all things Emmy awards, how she got the part in “Coven” and the upcoming fourth season titled “Freak Show.” (Watch the entire webchat below.)

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Did Roberts’ real-life fiance Evan Peters help get her the part on “Coven”? “It’s funny, he didn’t even know that they were gonna ask me. Because I asked him, ‘Did you know and not tell me?’ And he was like, ‘Emma, I had no idea.’ I remember I was in the house and the phone rang and it was Ryan,” who offered her the part right there.

Roberts played fan-favorite catty witch Madison Montgomery on the third season of the FX anthology series, but she has no idea who she’ll be playing next season yet. “I’m actually just excited as you guys are to find out more. I know that it’s ‘Freak Show’ and it’s gonna be so amazing.”

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Roberts comes from a royal Oscar bloodline of sorts. Her father Eric Roberts was nominated for an Oscar (Supporting Actor, “Runaway Train,” 1985) and her aunt Julia Roberts is an Oscar winner (Best Actress, “Erin Brockovich,” 2000). Did her family give her any acting tips?

“Not really. I didn’t really even understand that people in my family were actors for a while, because I think they were all trying to just hope I wouldn’t notice. Ever since I was younger I was always such a performer and always wanted to put on skits and dress up and I think they were all like, ‘Don’t tell her about acting.'”

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