Editors’ Emmy predictions slugfest: Who’ll win Best Drama Guest Actress?

In our new prediction slugfest, Gold Derby Editors agree that Allison Janney (“Masters of Sex“) is the frontrunner (and has been since last year) in the Emmy race for Best Drama Guest Actress, but that Jane Fonda (“The Newsroom“) and Kate Burton (“Scandal“) give great performances in their episode submissions and could dethrone Janney.

Senior Editor Daniel Montgomery and I battle it out mano-a-mano-style in our latest video (watch below) as we analyze the episodes submitted to Emmy judges as examples of their best work from the past TV season. Janney entered “Brave New World,” Fonda tried her luck with “Red Team III” and Burton went with “A Door Marked Exit.” Other nominees: Kate Mara for “House of Cards” (“Chapter 14”), Margo Martindale for “The Americans” (“Behind the Red Door”) and Diana Rigg for “Game of Thrones” (“The Lion and the Rose”).

Emmy Episode Analysis: Read our Pros and Cons for
Kate Burton | Jane Fonda | Allison Janney

Daniel and I believe Janney has the benefit of being an Emmy favorite (two supporting trophies and two lead trophies for “The West Wing”) with a fantastic episode for voters to drool over. Fonda and Burton, meanwhile, have great impact scenes, but could suffer from opposing screen-time issues: Fonda’s scene doesn’t come until the final minutes of her episode, while Burton’s money scene is the opening of her entry.

But don’t count out Mara, Martindale or Rigg just yet. In our slugfest, we give reasons for why each of them could win, even if the odds aren’t currently in their favor.

Speaking of odds, Gold Derby’s official combined racetrack odds currently find Janney in first place with 2/13 odds, Fonda in second with 20/1 odds and Burton in third with 33/1 odds. Rigg and Mara are tied for fourth with 50/1 odds while Martindale comes in last place with 100/1 odds.

Emmy Episode Analysis: Read our Pros and Cons for
Kate Mara
| Margo Martindale | Diana Rigg

See all of our Editors’ predictions ranked per category here. Compare them to forecasts by the Emmy Experts here and by our Top 24 Users here. See the rankings and racetrack odds generated when all predictions are combined.

Do you agree with our Editors’ predictions for Drama Guest Actress? Make your own predictions below the video and then sound off in the comments section or join the discussion in our Emmys forum. See the full list of Emmy episode submissions here.

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