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Gold Derby really has the Emmy Awards gala covered. We’ve got editors out on the red carpet (Marcus Dixon) and back in the press room (Ralph Galvan, who’ll be joined by Marcus if he survives the celebrity/ media stampede in front of the Nokia Theater). Meantime, Chris Beachum is running our live webcam chat on the home page while Paul Sheehan and Daniel Montgomery prepare our editorial reportage.


8:00 p.m. PT — Now that these SHOCKING Emmys are over, please join us in the Gold Derby message boards for live discussion – CLICK HERE

7:59 p.m. PT — Daniel Montgomery: “The Emmys weren’t shy about repeat winners in comedy races. Not a single first-time winner. Heck, ‘Modern Family’ and Julia Louis-Dreyfus both won for the fifth time, Allison Janney won a sixth, and Jim Parson won a fourth. I’m so thrilled for Bryan Cranston’s win, though ironically, I don’t think I actually predicted any of his four wins. Me predicting someone else is his good luck charm.”
Ralph Galvan: “I’m SO glad I never swayed on my Cranston pick. YYYEESSSSS!!!! Told you Matty couldn’t do it. His episode SUCKED.”

7:58 p.m. PT — How nice that the Emmys ended with an easy one: “Breaking Bad” winning Best Drama Series!

7:55 p.m. PT — “Modern Family” ties “Frasier” record for most victories as Best Comedy Series. READ MORE

7:50 p.m. PT — Read Chris Beachum’s article: Bryan Cranston ties Dennis Franz for Emmy record as Best Drama Actor

7:47 p.m. PT — Wow, Julianna Margulies’ win is — and isn’t — a surprise. She submitted the episode where she deals with the sudden murder of her ex-lover and law partner (Josh Charles). She does a lot of crying in it, natch. So do a few other women in this category who also submitted episodes about the deaths of their lovers. Julianna’s had the most impact upon voters, I think, because we feel we know her so well personally. Voters wanted to give her a hug.

Chris Beachum: “So very, very glad I switched over to Julianna this afternoon! Rob Licuria will be thrilled when he sees this in a few hours.”

7:30 p.m. PT — Comments from our forums. See more here.

Cobalt Blue: “Everything in that In Memoriam was total class.”
nahborghi: “That was beautiful. I’ve been a big admirer of Sara Bareilles, and knew she wouldn’t disappoint. Great speech from Billy Crystal, too.”

7:06 p.m. PT — Marcus Dixon reports from the press room: “The in memoriam segment is next and they just had an announcement asking the audience to hold their applause until the very end.”

6:56 p.m. PTBrad Pitt wins Oscar and Emmy in the same year! As a producer! Writes Chris Beachum, “Brad Pitt has now been proclaimed the top film producer for both television and film this year. He won Monday night at the Emmys as executive producer of Best TV Movie ‘The Normal Heart.’ He took home the Best Picture trophy at the Oscars in March for ’12 Years a Slave.'” READ MORE

Side note: Mark Ruffalo may have lost the Emmy for Best Actor in a Movie/Mini, but he also won an Emmy for producing “The Normal Heart.”

6:48 p.m. PT — With all of these wacky upsets tonight, our posters are going crazy back in the forums. Sample comments below. See more here.

BenitoDelicias: “Wow a Sherlock party. Is The Normal Heart going to loose this?”

Joe: “What!?! Bomer gave the best performance on TV this year! Freeman should have won for Fargo!”

SxECanadianFanSxE: “Martin Freeman beating Matt Bomer is one of the all-time crazy shocks in Emmy history.’

Philip T. “Kathy Bates won for dressing up like a maid and sleepwalking through the entire season? How undeserving.”

Miss Hannigan: “Tolman was category fraud so I’m happy she lost. I was quite sad for Julia. She actually deserved this one. But because it was a surprise win so YAY! More surprises like that, even if they’re bad ones.”

6:36 p.m. PT — Paul Sheehan: “Will ‘Sherlock’ win TV Movie? We should have seen this coming after all the love for it at the Creative Arts.”

6:34 p.m. PT — “I’m profoundly surprised at this!” gasped Jessica Lange when she beat the heavy odds-on-favorite Cicely Tyson. Ditto for the rest of us, Jessica! It’s the second shocking upset by “Coven” — after Kathy Bates. Second shocking upset by a witch? Are you afraid yet, Hollywood?

6:28 p.m. PT — Marcus Dixon: “This year’s crop of winners is even more shocking than last year. Why can’t the Emmys be more like the Oscars?! Next year I am just going to throw darts to pick my Emmy winners. Sounds like a plan, right?”

Daniel Mongtomery: “Actually, the comedy winners mostly made sense based on the episode submissions. It’s the movie/miniseries categories that are off the reservation. Where was all this “Sherlock” love two years ago when it won nothing?”

Chris Beachum: “Ryan Murphy couldn’t be more shocked that he had two acting winners tonight from ‘AHS’ and not ‘Normal Heart.'”

6:24 p.m. PT — Lots of Emmy records are being set, tied or broken tonight. Chris Beachum has been keeping score. He’s madly posting these articles for us:

Julia Louis-Dreyfus wins third straight Emmy for ‘Veep’

Jim Parsons ties all-time Emmy record with fourth win as Best Comedy Actor

Allison Janney takes home second Emmy of this year with win for ‘Mom’

6:22 p.m. PT — Winners list so far –

6:18 p.m. PT — Dinner is served, buffet style, back in the press room.


6:15 p.m. PT — Charlie Bright” “DAMN IT! DAMN IT! DAMN IT! Matt Bomer was supposed to be a sure thing!”

6:13 p.m. PT –– Daniel Montgomery: “New Emmy lessen from the Emmy writers’ branch: those guys are Anglophiles. ‘The Hour’ over ‘Candelabra,’ ‘Sherlock’ over ‘Normal Heart,’ and they’ve also gone with ‘Prime Suspect’ and ‘Downton’ in recent years.”

6:11 p.m. PT — Bravo to our 69 users who correctly predicted Kathy Bates would win Best Supporting Actress in a Movie/Mini out of the 1,200 who made picks! None of Gold Derby’s Experts, Editors or Top 24 Users nailed this race. Bates was ranked third in our overall odds (33/1) behind Allison Tolman (11/10) and Julia Roberts (6/5)

5:47 p.m. PT — Damn! How could we have been wrong about Ricky Gervais? Apparently, the voters didn’t watch the episode of “Derek” that was soooo winning.

Chris Beachum: “The question now is whether Jim Parsons can pull a Candice Bergen and win 5 of these things. He’s got at least a few more years of “Big Bang” left in him.”

5:42 p.m. PT — Last night when I chatted with Allison Janney at the Showtime Emmy party I let her know that when she wins for “Mom” (and we all knew she would, of course), she’d have six, thus tying several stars like Tyne Daly, Carol Burnett and Art Carney for being the third-biggest winner among performers. She freaked out (or at least pretended to) and asked me who’s in first place. I told her: Cloris Leachman with 8. She pulled out her smartphone to show me a photo of her and Cloris kissing each other like lovestruck teens at some funky Emmy bash earlier this week. Yeowsa!

5:37 p.m. PT — Daniel Montgomery: “Gail Mancuso is an early contender for best speech of the night. Hilarious (making eyes at Matthew McConaughey the whole time) and also touching (thanking her husband and paying tribute to her parents’ marriage).”

Chris Beachum: “Loving this show and these winners so far tonight!”

5:35 p.m. PT — Daniel Montgomery: “Loved Jimmy Kimmel roasting Matthew McConaughey for being too pretty for TV.”

5:23 p.m. PT — Chris Beachum: “Yeah for Ty Burrell!! Gold Derby had him in fourth place, but I had him in first!”

One of the reasons Ty Burrell won, by the way, was the episode he submitted to judges — “Spring-a-Ding Fling” — in which he dresses up in, well, a woman’s dress. (See the list of entries here)

5:20 p.m. PT — Ralph Galvan: “That was rough for Seth Meyer. The beginning there were ZERO laughs from the press room, but he did get a few laughs here and there.”

Daniel Montgomery: “I actually liked Seth’s monologue. It was savvy and biting without being mean.”

Chris Beachum: “Seth Meyer was outstanding and very funny! One of the best pure monologues (without gimmicks) I’ve seen on the Emmys.”

5:18 p.m. PTSeth Meyer survived the opening segment OK, but just OK. He delivered the sly jokes like a smoothy TV late night host, but, let’s face it, he didn’t rock the house. He just doesn’t have the music chops, dance moves, spastic energy or goofy lunacy of, say, Jimmy Fallon, who is the new standard by which all Emmy hosts must be measured in the modern age. (Memo to Jimmy: You are most missed tonight. Hey, you’re a NBC star! Why aren’t you here?)

But back to Seth’s jokes. His last good one of the monologue: “There are so many different ways to consume TV. We don’t have to watch shows when they air anymore. The most DVR’d show of the past season was ‘Blacklist.’ ‘Game of Thrones’ was the most pirated show and ‘Duck Dynasty’ was the most VCR-taped.” Now that’s hilarious!

5:08 p.m. PT — Host Seth Meyer’‘ best jokes so far: “Tonight we’re all Crazy Eyes”

“We had so many great shows this year. We had comedies that made you laugh and comedies that made you cry because they were dramas submitted as comedies.”

4:38 p.m. PT — From Charlie Bright as he watches the E! show: “McConaughey just corrected Guiliana on her Emmy history pointing out that George C. Scott also won Best Actor Oscar and an Emmy in the same year. Go McConaughey!

4:34 p.m. PT — More from Charlie: “Guiliana just made Aaron Paul say ‘Gotta have my Pops’ referencing his Corn Pops commercial from ages ago. It’s adorable coming out of Paul but feel kinda bad that Guiliana is bringing up his acting past that he’s not a fan of. Paul also mentioned that he didn’t work for eight months after that commercial.”

4:26 p.m. PT — Overheard along the red carpet and in the Nokia lobby: everybody’s furious with NBC for staging the Emmys on a Monday! “Don’t they realize it’s a work day?!” fumed one powerful TV producer to Gold Derby. Normally, the Emmycast is held on a Sunday for two reasons: 1.) TV shows are not in production and 2.) There’s no rush hour traffic in downtown L.A. “It’s been a nightmare today!” groused the producer — and an expensive/ logistics bad dream at that. “The Big Bang Theory” shut down shop today and gave everybody the day off (with full pay), but “The Good Wife,” which is produced in New York City, went on with the show even though its nominated stars Julianna Margulies and Christine Baranski had to attend the Emmys 3,000 miles away. Show runners strained to do as many shoot-arounds as possible in order to keep production rolling.

4:19 p.m. PT — Here’s your cheat sheet to use while watching the Emmy ceremony. These are the rankings and racetrack odds of Gold Derby’s various predictions: Experts, Editors, Top 24 Users (who scored best last year), All Users.

If you’re confounded by racetrack odds, then convert these lists to percentages by clicking the “View %” link.

4:10 p.m. PT — Wow, our forum posters are not at all pleased that Ross Mathews is standing in for Ryan Seacrest on E! Emmy Pre-Show! They’re also bitch-slapping poor Kristin … Meow!  CLICK HERE to follow along as the red-carpet lovelies arrive.


4 p.m. PT — Awards will be bestowed in this order during the Emmycast:

1. Comedy Supporting Actor
2. Comedy Writing
3. Comedy Supporting Actress
4. Comedy Directing
5. Comedy Actor
6. Comedy Actress
7. Reality Competition Program
8. Movie Writing
9. Movie Supporting Actress
10. Movie Supporting Actor
11. Movie Directing
12. Movie Actor
13. Movie Actress
14. Miniseries
15. Movie
16. Variety Special Writing
17. Variety Special Directing
18. Variety Series
19. Drama Supporting Actor
20. Drama Directing
21. Drama Supporting Actress
22. Drama Writing
23. Drama Actress
24. Drama Actor
25. Comedy Series
26. Drama Series

3:47 p.m. PT — In your imagination, how glamorous is the Emmy press room/ media center? Snap out of it. Reality can be seen below. Journalists are located in this white tent perched above a parking lot located down the street from the Nokia Theater. After winners accept their statuettes on stage, they must dash outside, scurry along this dirty red carpet stretched across a back alley, then climb up to the tent.


3:37 p.m. PT — Look at the great seats Gold Derby gets in the press room: we’re on the aisle just a few rows back from the stage. Compare those spot to the crummy location of “Entertainment Tonight”!

3:35 p.m. PT — Look how empty the press room is while most journos are busy out on the red carpet


3:28 p.m. PT — Red carpet arrivals have begun. Keep checking our photo gallery for more updates — HERE

3:05 p.m. PT — Gold Derby is a multi-media Emmy experience today. Remember to check out the live discussion in our message boards all night long:

Our live webcast has begun on the home page where you can participate by adding your comments in the chat box:

2:40 p.m. PT — Marcus sends us some snaps of the red carpet (and himself) before the parade of celebs begins in just a few minutes …


2:39 p.m. PT — Ralph reports, “Marcus is a trouper. That dude is sick as a dog and he’s out in the blazing sun doing the red carpet.”



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