Editors’ Emmy predictions smackdown: Who will win Drama Actress?

I already told you how torn I was over who to predict to win Best Comedy Actress at Monday’s Emmys. Now, I tackle the ridiculously close Best Drama Actress race, where all six contenders stand a decent chance at taking the prize.

Do I stick with Julianna Margulies (“The Good Wife“), even though I’m sensing a possible surprise win for Lizzy Caplan (“Masters of Sex“) with an episode submissions that I can’t quite get out of my mind, or a Claire Danes (“Homeland“) three-peat, for en episode where she dazzles with a range of emotions that we’ve come to expect from one of the best actresses on TV.

Again, I asked my fellow Gold Derby editors for their advice. Below are the responses I received and my conclusion, such as it is. 

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Daniel Montgomery: “I’m predicting Margulies. I figure, after last year’s surprise winners, that I could flip-flop back and forth between the frontrunners, and then end up with winners like Michelle Dockery and Lena Dunham whom I would never have predicted anyway.”

Charles Bright: “I know the feeling Rob. I’ve been going back and forth on so many of these categories that I always feel I need to pop a few extra lithium because I feel my manic depression is acting up. I still have Danes in first place for Best Drama Actress but I am really indecisive on which position Caplan and Margulies belong after that. 

Editors’ Emmy predictions smackdown: Who will win Comedy Actress?

Ralph Galvan: “For all the complaints about how predictable and boring award shows can be, let me re-introduce you to this years Emmy Awards. We thought we’d have this all sewn up upon learning the episodes each nominee was submitting, but in reality that just made it even more difficult to predict: “Oh, Robin Wright didn’t submit Chapter 17? Well then Claire Danes has this locked up! Oh wait, Margulies and Dockery have some great stuff in their episode.

And Lizzy Caplan? Where did she come from!? She punches a guy!” So then it becomes an Emmy up for grabs. This same thing is eating many of my fellow Gold Derby editors alive as well. I think we were actually far more confident in our picks before knowing anything about episodes. Drama Actor, Drama Actress, Drama Supporting Actor, Comedy Actress, Comedy Supporting Actress, and Comedy Supporting Actor are insanely competitive races. Throw in the writing and directing categories and – actually please don’t, I can’t take this anymore.”

Riley Chow: “Danes would have beaten “Chapter 17” because “The Star” is her best performance of the series. “Homeland” is not nominated for Best Drama Series this year, but neither are “The Good Wife,” “Masters of Sex” and “Scandal.”

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Marcus Dixon: “I have now officially changed my prediction three times. Before the episode submissions were announced, I had Wright in my #1 slot. After watching all six reels, I put Danes in my #1 slot. And then after carefully weighing out all of the pros and cons for each leading lady including outside factors, I now have Margulies in my #1 slot. This is the only category I’ve changed so many different times, and I just hope that Margulies pulls through on Emmy night to make all this agonizing worth it.”

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Rob Licuria: “OK, so I’m none the wiser!”

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