Editors’ Emmy predictions slugfest: Who’ll win Best Comedy Actor?

In our new prediction slugfest, Gold Derby Editors swoon over Ricky Gervais‘ emotional performance as the self-titled “Derek,” but argue the Best Comedy Actor race could also go to category first-timer William H. Macy (“Shameless“) or three-time champ Jim Parsons (“The Big Bang Theory“).

Joining me in our latest video (watch below) are Charles Bright and Ralph Galvan as we analyze the episodes submitted to Emmy judges as examples of their best work from the past TV season. Gervais went with “Episode 2.6,” Macy chose “Lazarus” and Parsons submitted “The Relationship Diremption.” The other nominees are: Don Cheadle for “House of Lies” (“Wreckage”), Louis C.K. for “Louie (“Model”) and Matt LeBlanc for “Episodes” (“Episode 306”).

Emmy Episode Analysis: Read our Pros and Cons for
Ricky Gervais | William H. Macy | Jim Parsons

Gervais could very well take the cake this year thanks to the episode where his father dies, as he gets to play both emotional and funny in that outing. And Macy could upset thanks to the wonderful speech/dialogue at the end of his entry when he curses at God at Lake Michigan. But if voters want to go strictly on laughs, this race is Parsons’ to lose as the three-timer gets to play drunk in his episode as he mourns the loss of his beloved string theory.

As for the also-rans Cheadle, C.K. and LeBlanc, all three gents submit worthy episodes, but we’re torn on whether any of them can win. In short, Cheadle fails to bring the funny, C.K. appears unlikable in his episode and LeBlanc has major screen time issues.

Gold Derby’s official combined racetrack odds currently find Parsons in first place with 11/8 odds, Gervais in second place with 9/4 odds, Macy in third place with 11/2 odds, C.K. in fourth place with 14/1 odds, LeBlanc in fifth place with 33/1 odds and Cheadle in last place with 100/1 odds.

Emmy Episode Analysis: Read our Pros and Cons for
Don Cheadle
| Louis C.K. | Matt LeBlanc

See all of our Editors’ predictions ranked per category here. Compare them to forecasts by the Emmy Experts here and by our Top 24 Users here. See the rankings and racetrack odds generated when all predictions are combined.

Do you agree with our Editors’ predictions for Best Comedy Actor? Make your own predictions below the video and then sound off in the comments section or join the discussion in our Emmys forum. See the full list of Emmy episode submissions here.

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