Editors’ Emmy predictions smackdown: Who will win Comedy Actress?

The Emmys are never easy to predict. First up, let me take you through my thinking in the heated battle for Best Comedy Actress. (Read my take on the equally tough Best Drama Actress race here.)

Do I keep Melissa McCarthy (“Mike and Molly“) in my number 1 spot and take a chance on a (very possible) upset, while risking losing points on my total predictions score, or do I make the last minute switch, in the spirit of conventional wisdom and go with Julia Louis-Dreyfus (“Veep“), but risk making the dreaded last-minute switcheroo that ends up haunting me for months to come?

I turned to my fellow Gold Derby editors for some much-needed help (and therapy). Below are the responses I received and my conclusion. 

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Daniel Montgomery: “I’m predicting McCarthy. I could be wrong but I’ve just picked that path and am sticking to it. I figure, after last year’s surprise winners, that I could flip-flop back and forth between the frontrunners, and then end up with winners like Lena Dunham whom I would never have predicted anyway.”

Charles Bright: “I recently switched back to Dreyfus and put McCarthy in second and thought I would be done with that category but now I have this urge to put McCarthy back in first place again. I may have to make a couple of human sacrifices to get a clearer picture. I’ll let you know what the Emmy gods tell me after I’m through with this, but considering the number of categories I’m uncertain about, I’m gonna need a lot of virgins to sacrifice.”

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Ralph Galvan: “As the biggest champ of Louis-Dreyfus losing and McCarthy winning, I admit that I just switched from McCarthy (who I’ve had in #1 since nominations came out) back to Louis-Dreyfus. Maybe it was the “Pawn Shop” video or maybe it’s just that this industry loves Dreyfus so damn much that she can do no wrong and no episode where she is an awful human being will stop that. Then again, I now have the urge to switch back to McCarthy because she’s funnier and better in her episode.”

Marcus Dixon: “I’ll make it easy on you guys: McCarthy is not winning.”

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Riley Chow: “McCarthy submitted a better episode in 2012 than her 2011 winner, but she lost to an unremarkable submission from Louis-Dreyfus. Now, Louis-Dreyfus has entered something that is actually really funny. Why would she lose?”

Marcus Dixon: “There is no way anyone other than Louis-Dreyfus is going to win Best Comedy Actress. Lock it in.”

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Rob Licuria: “OK, so I’m none the wiser!”

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