Aaron Paul is first ever 3-time Emmy winner as Drama Supporting Actor

With his Emmy victory Monday night, Aaron Paul is now the first person to ever win three times as Best Drama Supporting Actor. His previous two wins were in 2010 and 2012.

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Paul has only lost twice before for “Breaking Bad.” Michael Emerson (“Lost”) defeated him in 2009. He was not eligible in 2011 but suffered another loss in 2013 to Bobby Cannavale (“Boardwalk Empire”).

On the AMC drama, he played Jesse Pinkman, a young drug dealer and meth manufacturer working for his former science teacher Walter White (Bryan Cranston). He submitted the episode “Confessions” to the Emmy judging panel. In this show, he is warned to leave town and completely disappear. The episode ends with him in a rage, spreading gasoline all over Walt’s house.

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Paul was previously tied with two wins in this category with four men: Michael Conrad (“Hill Street Blues”), Larry Drake (“L.A. Law”), Stuart Margolin (“The Rockford Files”), and Ray Walston (“Picket Fences”). Since “Breaking Bad” has completed its run, Paul will not return again to build on his record.

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For the 2014 race, Paul defeated Jim Carter (“Downton Abbey“), Josh Charles (“The Good Wife“), Peter Dinklage (“Game of Thrones“), Mandy Patinkin (“Homeland“), and Jon Voight (“Ray Donovan“).

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