Emmy Episode Analysis: Adam Driver is the standout boy trying to win for ‘Girls’

Adam Driver returns to the Comedy Supporting Actor race at the Emmys for a second year running. He plays budding thespian Adam Sackler on HBO’s “Girls.” Will the real-life actor have better luck than his on-screen counterpart? Let’s take a look at Driver’s prospects, based on the episode that he submitted to the Emmy judges. 

SYNOPSIS: He chose the season finale, “Two Planes Ride,” as the best example of his work. 

We first see Sackler 12 minutes into the episode getting ready for the opening night of his play. His girlfried Hannah (Lena Dunham) stops by to wish him luck and tell him that she will probably be going to Iowa to study.

We then see him playing an English painter in the play and taking a bow. In his next scene, Adam goes out the stage door and is greeted by a congratulatory Hannah. He says he was “terrible” because Hannah told him about Iowa right before he went on stage. They have an argument, and Hannah walks away as Adam stands in the alley. Finally, we see him looking dejected taking photos with the cast from the play.

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This is Driver’s second nomination in a row. He was just  cast in the “Star Wars” reboot, further evidence of his rising stock in Hollywood.

You feel sorry for Driver’s character in the episode. He certanly has a huggability factor. His fight with Hannah gives him a scene with a lot of impact. And seeing him perform in the play shows some range.


He is not in much of his episode and delivers few laughs.

Girls” was snubbed for Best Comedy Series and also failed to reap either a writing or directing nomination for the first time.

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According to our Gold Derby predictions center, Driver is in sixth place with odds of 80/1.

Do you think he has a better shot at winning? Make your predictions below.

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