Emmy Episode Analysis: Will Andre Braugher (‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’) track down another win?

Andre Braugher has won two of his previous seven Emmy bids but both were for his leading turns in dramatic parts (“Homicide: Life on the Streets,” 1998; “Thief,” 2006). This year, he contends in comedy for the first time for his change of pace part as Captain Roy Holt on “Brooklyn Nine-Nine.” Will he be able to win Comedy Supporting Actor. Let’s take a closer look at his all-important episode submission. 

SYNOPSIS: Braugher chose “Christmas” as the best example of his work on the freshman season of this Fox laffer.

Holt announces to the department that he does not want any presents for Christmas. Peralta (Andy Samberg) is told that death threats have been made against Holt and that he has to protect the captain until the threat is over. In his next scene, Holt is sitting working at his desk getting annoyed at Peralta looking over his shoulder.

Holt agrees to go to Peralta’s mother’s house, and then discovers it to be a safe house. When he tries to leave, Peralta handcuffs himself to Holt. Holt gets mad at Peralta as he believes the threat not to be real. In a montage we see them eating and playing video games in the safe house. Eventually, the captain realizes the threat is real.

It is the freestyle killer and we see a flashback to when Holt arrested him many years earlier. Driving to the precinct, Holt tries to convince his colleagues not to help because he doesn’t want anyone else to get hurt. He relents and the killer is apprehended, albeit with Detective Boyle (Joe Lo Truglio) getting shot. Holt apologizes for not wanting the team to help. To thank Peralta, he joins him for a pop and lock.

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Braugher is certainly a favorite of the TV academy, with two wins and eight nominations. 

He is both the veteran in the category and the newcomer as his is the only freshman series. 

He dominates this episode and generates sympathy for having to put up with Peralta’s antics. 

Voters will be pleasantly surprised at his deft comedy skills after seeing him in so many dramatic roles. 


His series severly underperformed at the Emmys, with only two nominations (the other was in Stunt Coordination, which it won at the Creative Arts awards). 

As the straight man, his performance is largely reactionary with no big money scenes in his episode.

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