Emmy Episode Analysis: Anna Chlumsky (‘Veep’) campaigns for a second Emmy try

Anna Chlumsky reaped her second straight Comedy Supporting Actress Emmy nomination for her scene stealing performance as Amy Brookheimer in the red-hot “Veep.” She chose “Detroit,” the sixth episode of the third season of this HBO hit, for consideration by the Emmy judges. Will it prove a winner?

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SYNOPSIS:The Vice President Selina Meyer (Julia Louis-Dreyfus) worries that the death of a journalist in Detroit where she is holding an economic summit will overshadow her job announcement. but is reassured by Amy that it won’t. Amy is no longer the VP’s campaign manager but tells the chief of staff that her friendship with Meyer is still strong. Indeed, she confesses to Amy that she is having an affair with her personal trainer. However, Amy discovers that the new campaign manager Dan (Reid Scott) hired him for just that reason. In a bid to keep them apart, she agrees to a massage from him.

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Can Chlumsky swing enough Emmy voters to claim victory? Let’s analyze the pros and cons:


Chlumsky has some great one-liners in an episode that features her quite a bit.

Amy isn’t her usual cold self and is humbled at being replaced as campaign manager. It’s a much lighter, more welcoming side of the character.

Veep” upped its nominations total to nine this year, from xx last year, showing an increasing 


There’s not much range for Chlumsky to play in this episode. Amy is in a fairly monotonous state the whole time.

Chlumsky has two strong competitors: Allison Janney (“Mom”) and Kate Mulgrew (“Orange is the New Black”).

Much of the buzz about “Veep” focuses on its two Emmy winners: Louis-Dreyfus and Hale. 

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Chlumsky currently sits fifth in Gold Derby’s predicted winner standings for Comedy Supporting Actress. Use our easy drag-and-drop menu below to make your prediction.


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