Emmy predictions: What will be the five nominees for Best Comedy Series Casting?

At last year’s Emmys there was a major upset in Best Comedy Series Casting when the final season of “30 Rock” claimed the prize, giving this NBC laffer a record third trophy in this category. 

Girls” (season 2 – second nomination, 2012 winner)
Modern Family” (season 4 – fourth nomination, 2010 winner)
Nurse Jackie” (season 5 – fourth nomination)
30 Rock” (season 7 – sixth nomination, 2008, 2009, 2013 winner)
Veep” (season 2 – second nomination)


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“30 Rock” overcame the odds in every way. It was the only third comedy in 14-year history of this award to win for a season other than its first or second (“Ally McBeal” prevailed in 2000 for season four and “Sex and the City” won in both 2001 and 2002 for its third and fourth seasons respectively). It was also the only comedy to have ever been nominated for its seventh season. And it was the first comedy since “Weeds” in 2009 to return to the race after being snubbed. 

This category usually favors new comedies that have just formed their ensembles. As shows age, it becomes increasingly difficult to reap repeat bids. However, with “Modern Family” likely to win Best Comedy Series for the fifth year running, it should also reap a bid in this race, which it won for its freshman season back in 2010. However, perennial contender “Nurse Jackie” could be out of the running for its sixth season. 

Last year, all the new laffers were shut out at the Emmys; not a single one reaped a nomination in any Emmy category, including technical awards.

Orange is the New Black,’ ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine
lead new comedy comeback at Emmys

Compare that to this year when four new comedies are strong contenders at the Emmys, including this race. “Orange is the New Black” was cast by the same woman, Jennifer Euston, who won this award for “Girls” two years ago. “Orange is the New Black” features the largest comedy cast on television and primarily comprises lesser-known actors; both of those factors were true for “Glee” when it won three years ago.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine” is bolstered by its Golden Globe wins earlier this year and also has a big name in charge of its casting: Allison Jones, who won back in 2000 for “Freaks and Geeks,” the show that launched the careers of James Franco and Seth Rogen. She has received eight nominations since then, for “Arrested Development,” “Curb Your Enthusiasm,” “The Office,” “United States of Tara,” and “Veep.”

And HBO has two hot rookies — “Looking” and “Silicon Valley” — as well as past nominees “Girls” and “Veep.” Of the latter two, “Veep” is on an upswing and is more likely to reap a bid here. 

Although it features an extensive guest cast, “Louie” also has yet to be nominated here. Perhaps it is being penalized for having only one regular cast member in Louis C.K.

Despite contending for Best Comedy Ensemble at the last two SAG Awards, “The Big Bang Theory” has never been nominated for its casting by the Emmys or the Casting Society of America. Therefore, it is unlikely to reaps its first bid here for its seventh season, even if multiple regular and guest cast members are nominated individually.

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1. “Orange is the New Black” – season 1
2. “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” – season 1
3. “Veep” – season 3
4. “Silicon Valley” – season 1
5. “Modern Family” – season 5

6. “Girls” – season 3
7. “Louie” – season 4
8. “Nurse Jackie” – season 5
9. “Looking” – season 1
10. “New Girl” – season 3

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