What are Top 10 Emmy contenders for Best Multi-Camera Comedy Editing?

Nowhere in the title of Best Multi-Camera Comedy Editing or in the rulebook does it state that variety shows may submit in this category, but “The Colbert Report” and “Conan” opened the floodgates last year when they became the first such programs to do so.

Top 10 Emmy contenders for Best Single-Camera Comedy Editing

Both reaped nominations, pushing out two-time winner “Two and a Half Men” and “2 Broke Girls,” which were nominated the year before. But even if variety’s eligibility in this category is suspect, some kind of a shakeup should be in order. Including those two variety contenders, there were just 14 entries on this ballot last year. 2013’s nominees were:

The Big Bang Theory” (season 6 – third nomination)
“The Colbert Report” (season 9 – third nomination)
Conan” (season 3 – first nomination)
Hot in Cleveland” (season 3 – second nomination)
How I Met Your Mother” (season 8 – fifth nomination, 2011, 2012 winner)

That the nomination for “Conan” was the first and only for the series in two years, as well as the first and only editing nomination for the series to date, suggests a desperation among voters to move on from CBS sitcoms, which occupied four of the five slots the year before. “Conan” is inexplicably not on the ballot this year, but “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart” and “Jimmy Kimmel Live” are, and both are past winners in other Emmy categories for editing.

CBS sitcoms account for five of the 18 entries on the ballot this year, surprisingly opting for never-nominated “Mike and Molly” over freshman comedy “The Millers,” which boasts editor William Marrinson, who was previously nominated for his single-camera work on “My Name is Earl” in 2007.

Top 10 Emmy contenders for Best Single-Camera Drama Editing

The Tiffany Network’s best bets are “The Big Bang Theory,” at the peak of its popularity with audiences and the television academy, and “How I Met Your Mother,” which typically outperforms “Big Bang” in technical races.

Hot in Cleveland” has the best shot among non-CBS sitcoms, but industry support for the show is dwindling. Editing was its only Emmy nomination last year and star Betty White was snubbed by the Screen Actors Guild this year after three consecutive nominations, including two wins.

“How I Met Your Mother” – season 9 – “Gary Blauman” (Sue Federman)
The Big Bang Theory” – season 7 – “The Cooper Extraction” (Peter Chakos)
“The Colbert Report” – season 9 – “Guest: Paul McCartney” (Christein Aromando & Jason Baker)
“The Daily Show” – season 19 – “Guest: Malala Yousafzai” (Robert York, Eric Davies, Graham Frazier, & Daric Schlesselman)
Jimmy Kimmel Live!” – season 12 – “Behind the Scandelabra” (James Crowe, Jason Bielski, Brian Marsh, Kevin McCullough, & Matt Williams)

“Hot in Cleveland” – season 4 – “Love is All Around” (Ron Volk)
“Mom” – season 1 – “Smokey Taylor and a Deathbed Confession” (Pat Barnett)
Two and a Half Men” – season 11 – “Mr. Walden, He Die. I Clean Room” (Joe Bella)
2 Broke Girls” – season 3 – “And the Girlfriend Experience” (Darryl Bates)
“Mike & Molly” – season 4 – “Sex, Lies, and Helicopters” (Stephen Prime)

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