What are Top 10 Emmy contenders for Best Single-Camera Comedy Editing?

Of last year’s nominees for Best Single-Camera Comedy Editing, only “Modern Family” is back on the ballot. “The Office” and “30 Rock” have ended, and “Arrested Development” was off the air in the past season. After being snubbed in its first two years, “Louie” was finally nominated in this category last year, but has bizarrely not submitted any episodes for consideration this time around.

2013’s lineup was as follows:

Arrested Development” (season 4 – sixth nomination, 2004 winner)
Louie” (season 3 – first nomination)
Modern Family” (season 4 – seventh nomination, 2010 winner)
The Office” season 9 (eighth nomination, 2007, 2013 winner)
30 Rock” season 7 (seventh nomination, 2009 winner)

Top 10 Emmy contenders for Best Single-Camera Drama Editing

This year, “Modern Family” has entered two episodes and should be able to score nominations for both. It was previously double-nominated in 2010, 2011, and 2012, and not only is its competition from last year out of the way, but “Modern Family” is actually the only show on the ballot with any past nominations in the category.

Although “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” airs on Fox, it channels the NBC brand of comedy – it is produced by NBCUniversal – popularized by “The Office” and “30 Rock,” both of which did very well in this category. Given its quick cuts and frequent flashbacks, “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” is an obvious editing showcase and even has Emmy favorite Ryan Case credited for its pilot. She has been nominated the last four years for “Modern Family” (and is eligible again), and won for its pilot in 2010.

Orange is the New Black” is another new contender with a penchant for flashbacks, but voters may be confused about which of the show’s three submissions they should support, because unlike “Brooklyn Nine-Nine,” the pilot was not submitted. In the last decade, four pilots have been nominated in this category and all four have won.

Silicon Valley” curiously did not submit its pilot either, or its finale, opting for two midseason episodes instead.

Veep” seems to be on the Emmy rise, but it is tied for having the most episodes on the ballot, with four, so whatever support there is for the show may be split.

Girls” also has yet to be Emmy-nominated for its editing; however, its pilot did pick up a nomination from the American Cinema Editors guild in 2012, but it lost that race to “Nurse Jackie.”

Also worth mentioning is the work on HBO’s “Getting On” by Steven Rasch, who is on the ballot for the episode “If You’re Going to San Francisco,” one of three episodes the show submitted for consideration. Rasch has seven prior nominations in this category. One was for “Modern Family,” and the rest, including his 2012 win, were for “Curb Your Enthusiasm.”

However, “Getting On” has 100/1 odds for Best Comedy Series, and only one comedy has ever been nominated for Best Editing that was never up for the top prize: “My Name is Earl,” but that show was very much on the academy’s radar, winning awards for editing, writing, directing, casting, and supporting actress Jaime Pressly during its run. It also aired at a time when the Best Comedy Series category had only five slots instead of the current six.

“Modern Family” – season 5 – “Vegas” (Ryan Case)
“Modern Family” – season 5 – “The Wedding (Part 1)” (Tony Orcena)
“Brooklyn Nine-Nine” – season 1 – “Pilot” (Ryan Case)
Orange is the New Black” – season 1 – “Can’t Fix Crazy” (Michael S. Stern)
“Brooklyn Nine-Nine” season 1 – “Charges and Specs” (Sandra Montiel)

“Orange is the New Black” – season 1 – “Tit Punch” (William Turro)
“Orange is the New Black” – season 1 – “Tall Men with Feelings” (Shannon Mitchell)
Silicon Valley” – season 1 – “Signaling Risk” (Tim Roche)
Veep” – season 3 – “Crate” (Lucian Clayton)
“Brooklyn Nine-Nine” – season 1 – “Pontiac Bandit” (Cortney Carrillo)

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