Emmys: The good (‘Breaking Bad’), bad (Seth Meyers) and ugly (‘Weird’ Al)

For the awards-obsessed editors of Gold Derby, the Emmys are like every Christmas, birthday and wedding all rolled into one. We eagerly await the opening of every envelope, transcribe every speech and celebrate our savvy predictions while bemoaning those upsets that show us up. 

Below, our collective thoughts on the highs, lows and WTF moments of Monday’s kudocast. 

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The kiss heard (and felt) ’round the world was the talk of the town and will likely become the show’s most viral moment. Julia Louis-Dreyfus told Gold Derby she had something crazy in the works if she won, and she didn’t disappoint. Can we start a campaign now to get this funny lady to actually HOST next year’s kudos? – Marcus Dixon

Breaking Bad” romping through the Emmys was expected, but more than deserved. After a night full of surprises it felt like a foregone conclusion, but it was the right conclusion. – Daniel Montgomery

The Good Wife” has won an Emmy for an actress every year it has been eligible and this year this strange little trend continued with Julianna Margulies claiming her second Emmy for this role, in what I think was a consolation prize/thumbs up from the TV Academy for such a strong fifth season. – Rob Licuria

Loving the recurring bits between Bryan Cranston and Julia Louis-Dreyfus. Can they actually host a ceremony at some point? – Charles Bright

“In Memoriam” was outstanding (music, graphics, photos, clips). My only quibble was that Sid Caesar and James Garner should have had better treatment than being thrown in the middle of it. – Chris Beachum

The tribute to Robin Williams, delivered beautifully by Billy Crystal and capped off with a beautiful clip package, was just perfect. – Rob Licuria

The voters and the tape system deserve credit for not fawning over movie stars Matthew McConaughey and Julia Roberts like the telecast did at every turn. – Riley Chow

I’m chuffed to bits that another Brit pulled off an upset for Movie/Mini Writing. Though Larry Kramer would have been a great winner for “The Normal Heart,” it’s a thrill to call Steven Moffat an Emmy-winner, not just for “Sherlock: His Last Vow” but his Emmy-less work on “Doctor Who.” – Daniel Montgomery

I do love surprises, and the movie/mini categories delivered. When an absent Martin Freeman triumphed over red-hot favorite Matt Bomer, capping off a great Emmy season for “Sherlock: His Last Vow,” I was disappointed for Bomer, but so happy for Freeman. – Rob Licuria

Kudos to Ty Burrell for giving a humorous shout out to the kids from “Modern Family” since they deliver performances that are just as deserving of nominations as the adult cast members. – Charles Bright

Ricky Gervais, you are hilarious. Your bit before announcing the nominees for Writing for a Variety Special (being an embittered whiner after losing to Jim Parsons) was spot on. – Rob Licuria

Breaking Bad” sweep! In a night of repeat winners the dominance of “Breaking Bad” felt sweet and fresh. Bryan Cranston’s win over Matthew McConaughey (an easy call) proved once again that Emmy doesn’t give a crap about your Oscar, she cares about your episode. – Ralph Galvan

I loved the title cards used for the writing categories and the presentation of the directing awards, asking a cast member to say what the best direction from their nominated director was. A nice touch. – Rob Licuria 

‘Breaking Bad’ & ‘Modern Family’ repeat at Emmys,
but ‘Sherlock’ leads all programs with seven wins

Seth Meyers was ok, but he fell a little flat. The whole show felt like it was going through the motions. There’s gotta be a more entertaining way to hand out all of these trophies! – Rob Licuria

Neither was expected to win this year, but what do Jon Hamm and Amy Poehler have to do to finally win an Emmy? Next year is their last chance for “Mad Men” and “Parks and Recreation,” respectively. It’s time to give them their due. – Daniel Montgomery

Only two new acting winners tonight (Benedict Cumberbatch, Martin Freeman). Every other performer had won before. – Chris Beachum

Emmy loves reruns. Yawn! Too many repeat winners proved to be frustrating on a night without much spark or real excitement. – Rob Licuria

Ty Burrell winning his second Emmy for “Modern Family” while his co-star Jesse Tyler Ferguson continues to be the perennial bridesmaid. The entire season was built around Ferguson’s wedding with Eric Stonestreet, so a win here would have really been deserved. – Marcus Dixon

I love “Weird” Al Yankovic, and he can usually do no wrong, but that overlong re-interpretation of TV theme songs like “Mad Men” and “Game of Thrones” hit a bum note like last year’s interpretive dances by the Emmy choreographers. – Daniel Montgomery

“Sherlock” getting all of those wins was great and overdue, but where on earth were Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman to make speeches? – Riley Chow

What is up with the record scratching during the ceremony music, which was songs from the 1970s? Stop it, the music is fine on its own! – Charles Bright

Walking back to the car after the Emmys I was walking by the LA Convention Center where the Governs Ball was being held and right behind me was Emmy winner Aaron Paul (“Breaking Bad”) who was headed to the Governors Ball. As he walked up to security holding his Emmy the security guard asked him for his ticket and then examined it for a few seconds. I felt like shouting: ‘Dude! That’s Aaron Paul and he just won an Emmy. He could walk into the White House right now and not get stopped. Let the guy walk up the stairs already!’ – Ralph Galvan

‘Modern Family’ ties all-time Emmy record with ‘Frasier’ for series wins

There were nominee clips with dialogue for just one category (Drama Supporting Actor). It is difficult to imagine many viewers seeking out nominated series after the ceremony when their exposure was limited to a title card. Should the purpose of the Emmy ceremony not be twofold in that it should recognize the best shows on television while serving as a platform to promote said best shows? The ceremony even dropped the clip packages that had previously been used to signal a genre change, opting instead for host Seth Meyers simply to exclaim, “It’s time for a genre change!” – Riley Chow

No first-time winners. With the exception of “Sherlock” surprise victors Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman, all of the other acting Emmy winners had previously been to the podium. Let’s get some fresh blood in there next year, Emmys. Okay? – Marcus Dixon

What was up with the bit with Sofia Vergara? It seemed just tasteless. – Charles Bright 

Everyone’s predictions in the movie/mini categories were way off base. Normally those are the easiest across the board. – Chris Beachum

Martin Freeman was more than deserving of an Emmy for “Sherlock,” but he should have won it two years ago when it wouldn’t have taken a prize away from Matt Bomer‘s great performance in “The Normal Heart.” – Daniel Montgomery

Everything that happened to the “Fargo” actors and “The Normal Heart” in the mini/movie categories. Aside from the main movie/mini program awards the poor actors were butchered by murderous socialite from the 1700’s and a couple of British detectives. Quite a horror story indeed. – Ralph Galvan

I guess it’s good that “Sherlock” finally gets recognition on the main telecast, but did it really need to rob deserving trophies from “The Normal Heart” and “Fargo”? – Charles Bright 

The TV theme song musical number with Weird Al Yankovic and Andy Samberg was atrocious. You play off deserving winners like Moira Walley-Beckett (“Breaking Bad” writer, “Ozymandias”) with intrusive music but you waste a good five minutes if prime Emmy TV real estate with this crap? – Rob Licuria

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