Emmy nominee Gary Cole had ‘more than a little bit of fear’ joining ‘Veep’ [Exclusive Video]

Receiving the first Emmy nomination of his three-decade career for “Veep,” Gary Cole revealed, “It was a very pleasant surprise.” In our recent webcam chat (watch below), he explained that on nominations morning, “I literally did not know that anything was taking place, so I started to get a lot of emails. I was at the gym actually… So I checked the category and indeed found that the evidence was true: I was nominated.” Cole contends for Guest Comedy Actor for his role as political strategist Kent Davison.

His episode submission, “Crate,” was the the penultimate in the third season of this HBO laffer. His character is the one to inform Selina Meyer (Julia Louis-Dreyfus) that she will be taking over the presidency. Cole admitted, “When I read the bit where he actually was the one who delivers the news to her I was really thrilled about that. Because it is a bit of a shocker but it was actually a really good scene and working with Julia was so great… the stakes were as high as they could be.”

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On this game-changing shocker for the show he reflects, “one of the things that makes the show unusual is that Armando [Iannucci] and the rest of the staff it seems each season they have really turned a corner and not gone in the direction you might think they would go.”

Cole also explained the “show has a tone that seems very spontaneous but there’s a lot of work that goes into making that happen. A lot of it is but a lot of it is designed that way as well.” This is because after the table read the draft script is cast aside and “each scene is picked apart on its feet without the dialog that’s been written, and everyone’s encouraged to improvise… the writers are always present… and then go away and come back with a brand new draft sometimes it doesn’t even resemble anything like the first one. And that process keeps going until it’s in front of the camera, and even then it’s still fiddled with.”

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Joining this hit show in season two was, “intimidating, especially for someone who did not come from an environment like that. A lot of people who are on the show… are from that neck of the woods… It was thrilling but it was also intimidating. I’m getting more comfortable as it goes along but it’s not what I was used to. So there’s a little bit of fear there, well more than a little bit of fear, but I’ve been slowly been able to kind of reduce that.”

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