Jamie Hyneman (‘MythBusters’) on Emmy changes, ‘Star Wars’ & ‘Simpsons’ myths (Exclusive Video)

“We’re thrilled to have yet another Emmy nomination,” said “MythBusters” star Jamie Hyneman in our recent video chat (watch it below). “Hopefully this time we’ll actually get one. It’s been an amazing run. We’re on our way to 12 years now, and we’re still going strong.”

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This is the sixth consecutive Reality Program bid for the Discovery Channel series, but the landscape is different this year. The TV academy split reality into two categories: Best Unstructured Reality Program, which honors more verite-style shows like “Deadliest Catch” and “Wild Things with Dominic Monaghan,” and Best Structured Reality Program, where “MythBusters” competes against the likes of “Antiques Roadshow,” “Shark Tank,” and two-time defending champ “Undercover Boss.”

“These are all fairly well established programs,” said Hyneman, though he added with a smile, “We think we’re better though.”

As Hyneman and company gear up for another Emmys, there is already a “whole year worth of episodes that are in the hopper.” He teased some of those upcoming shows, which include “Simpsons” myths and a sequel to their recent “Star Wars” special. In addition, “We test things like what actually happens if you flush a cherry bomb down the toilet … We recently also finished an episode where we go up in the U-2 spy plane.”

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In the meantime, he’s hoping to finally confirm the myth of whether “MythBusters” can win its first Emmy. Watch our complete video chat below.

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