Emmy Episode Analysis: Jesse Tyler Ferguson (‘Modern Family’) is over budget and very emotional

Jesse Tyler Ferguson is hoping to finally win Emmy gold this year for playing Mitchell Pritchett on ABC’s “Modern Family.” This is his fifth consecutive nomination for the role since the show was first eligible at the Emmys in 2010, making him one of only three cast members (along with Ty Burrell and Julie Bowen) who have nabbed a bid every year. This year he has submitted the episode “Message Received.”

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SYNOPSIS: As Mitchell and Cam (Eric Stonestreet) see the number of people rising who plan to attend their upcoming wedding, they both realize they’re not going to be able to afford everything. They come up with the idea to sell something in order to pay for the wedding. Mitchell offers up an old comic book in near mint condition, but Cam insists on selling a belt buckle worn by Wyatt Earp that his grandfather gave him.

When they arrive at the pawn shop, Cam isn’t even able to keep it together and asks Mitchell to make the exchange. After Cam leaves, the clerk tells Mitchell that the buckle was something that was given away by gas stations in the 1960’s and is not worth much. Mitchell brings up his comic book and this peaks the interest of the clerk. Mitch lies to Cam and says that he couldn’t bear to let him part ways with the buckle and that he’ll sell his comic book instead.

When he goes to his father’s (Ed O’Neill) house to retrieve the book, Gloria (Sofia Vergara) asks why he doesn’t just ask Jay for the money. Mitchell says he’s an adult and doesn’t want to ask his dad for money. As he leaves Jay’s house he gets caught in a spider web and accidentally drops the comic book in a puddle. After going back into Jay’s house (and letting the truth about the belt buckle slip), Jay asks why he needs to have such a big spectacle. Mitchell is shocked and points out that if it were his sister’s wedding, Jay wouldn’t even question the size of it. Jay admits that the whole idea of a gay wedding makes him uncomfortable. Mitchell is truly hurt and says that Jay shouldn’t come to the wedding.

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Can Ferguson finally win an Emmy for his work? Let’s analyze the pros and cons:


– Ferguson gets to show great range. He’s funny in his interactions with Cam and his one-on-one interviews, and he gets to be dramatic and emotional in his final scene with his father. You also feel great sympathy for him at the end of the episode.

– He’s also got some great comedic moments in Burrell’s episode where he has an epic misunderstanding with his boss on his first day of work at a new law firm.

– Even when other pundits have been writing him off not to get nominated, he’s managed to be nominated for every season of “Modern Family,” which shows that the actor’s branch really does like him.


– Burrell also has some funny scenes in this episode when he thinks that Claire is pregnant again.

– The shrinking number of actors being nominated from the show could be a sign that voters in the actor’s branch are tired of seeing this show win.

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