Emmy Episode Analysis: Jimmy Fallon (‘SNL’) has himself a merry little Christmas

Jimmy Fallon is nominated again for Best Comedy Guest Actor for hosting “Saturday Night Live“; he won the last time he hosted the sketch comedy series, in 2012. He also has other chances to win this year, including nominations for writing and hosting “The Tonight Show.”

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SYNOPSIS: Fallon appears in almost every sketch during “SNL’s” Christmas episode:

– During the cold open, Fallon and musical guest Justin Timberlake revisit a recurring sketch, playing sidewalk performers who sing musical parodies urging customers to “Bring it on down to Wrappingville.”

– Monologue: Fallon sings “Joy to the World” in the style of Bob Dylan, David Bowie, and Paul McCartney before being joined by the real McCartney for a duet.

– “Family Feud”: In a battle of CBS and NBC stars, Fallon plays Jim Parsons, while Timberlake plays Jimmy Fallon.

– “Home for the Holiday (Twin Bed)”: In a music video for the Emmy-nominated original song about the struggles of having sex while visiting family for Christmas, Fallon performs a rap interlude.

– “The Barry Gibb Talk Show”: Fallon, as an irate Barry Gibb, hosts a talk show featuring guests Paul Ryan (Taran Killam), Megyn Kelly (Cecily Strong), and Madonna as herself. At the end, the real Gibb joins Fallon and Timberlake to reprise the talk show’s theme song.

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– During “Weekend Update,” outgoing New York mayor Michael Bloomberg and Fallon, as himself, discuss their big changes for the new year, and Fallon talks about passing the “Late Night” baton to Seth Meyers.

– “Now That’s What I Call Christmas”: Holiday musical parodies featuring Fallon as Michael Buble, Alan Rickman, One Direction‘s Harry Styles, and Pitbull.

– A “Christmas Carol” parody in which an old Ebenezer Scrooge (Killam) sees his younger self (Fallon) as an extremely effeminate gay man.

– “Baby It’s Cold Outside”: After convincing Cecily Strong to stay the night, Fallon has second thoughts and tries to convince her to leave.

Will Fallon win again? Let’s consider the pros and cons:


“SNL” hosts have done well at the Emmys since the TV academy categorized them as comedy guests, winning five times since 2009.

“SNL” hosts usually have the benefit of greater screen time than their competitors, since they typically appear in most sketches during a 90-minute show.

Fallon sings, dances, and performs a dozen different characters and impressions, giving him far more impact and range than most of his rivals.

Fallon won in 2012 the last time he hosted a Christmas-themed “SNL,” so we know voters like his work on the show.

Added notoriety from his recent takeover of “The Tonight Show,” referenced more than once during the episode, gives Fallon a boost.


Despite four nominations last year, “SNL” hosts lost both guest categories to actors on half-hour shows. Is the TV academy tiring of “SNL” hosts?

Voters who are familiar with Fallon will have seen a lot of these sketches and impressions before. Will they award him for them again?

Defending champ Bob Newhart (“The Big Bang Theory“) took down “SNL’s” Timberlake last year. He could still be a sentimental favorite.

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Given his screen time and sheer number of characters, it’s no surprise Fallon leads our predictions with 8/15 odds. Is he unbeatable? Make your predictions below:

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